Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sensational Saturday

Last weekend, the day before I had a big swap of my own, we got up early to go to a 'geeky yard sale.' I didn't really know what was being offered, but say the word geek and my husband is dragging me out of bed to get there extra early.  It was...awesome. We scored some amazing stuff, including the PERFECT nightstand for my bed. I wish she had two but one is better than the blue storage totes I've been using for two years.  Anyways, we also met some awesome new geeky people who invited us to a game day yesterday...where much awesomeness ensued.
And we shall play them all...mwahahaha....

Apparently everyone brought Doritos, except for us because we got these two events confused and dropped off the brownies for today's event...yesterday.  (Doritos and Mt. Dew are apparently the perfect geek food, although I prefer the one below...) Who can spot the stabby man?  

Oh long have you been removed from my existence  yet my love for you remains.  

Hilarious game about killing everyone else. Too bad I can't remember the name...

And I would write more but we are off to Oktoberfest with the same group of people. I'm hoping that more games will happen, because I've never seen my hubby quite so content. He was like a well fed cat, survey his domicile, as he looked over at a group of 11 of us arguing over who was the spy.  Today I'm rocking this shirt, also pictured on me here.
On an unrealted note, the Blogger ap you can download for your phone is absolute crap. It crashed while I was writing and every single damn time I attempted to upload a picture.  I'm really not a huge fan Blogger in general, but I liked that I could link my stuff with my Google account and post to Facebook and the such. What's your experience with blogging platforms? What are your plans on a cold and rainy October day?