Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The danger of text messages and changed phone numbers.

Yesterday I made my pregnancy public and today I was attempting to follow up with a high school friend. I sent her a text:

Me: since you're never on FB...guess what--WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! 

I didn't get a response, but got a call from her number. I tried answering and didn't hear anything, so I hung up. I tried calling back and a burly sounding dude answered. It appears my friend changed her number and never told me!  I said...'oh sorry, must be the wrong number,' and hung up.  About 2 hours later, I got another phone call from burly dude, and screened it, since I have had people from wrong numbers attempt to stalk me.  To clear up any misunderstanding, I decided to send him an email explaining the mix-up.  Then the funny started.

Me: apparently you have my friend's old number. Sorry--my message wasn't directed at you! 
Burly dude with friend's old number: Its ok i been with same person an never cheated just broak up thought was her congrats 

Oh yes, burly dude thought that I was his ex girl friend call/texting him to say I was pregnant. Oh the level of classiness that some people have will never cease to amuse me. My friend says that this was my own personal Jerry Springer moment.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A big announcement

Today a very important email went out to my family (at least the ones I had email addresses for).  It's a message that I've waited years to send, and it was a accompanied by a little story my husband wrote.
The pressure to have children often starts as soon as a couple gets married; friends and relatives have no trouble asking the question, but the answer isn't always so easy to give.
We tried for years, with the doctors telling us it was a coin flip whether we'd be able to conceive naturally or not. Eventually, we came to terms with the fact that it had come up tails, and had to adjust our expectations for life a bit.
This last Mother's Day, we discovered to our joy and surprise that we'd actually come up heads! Well, head....there's only one of them, after all. However you want to say it, we're growing a baby!
The first trimester is over (we hit 13 weeks yesterday), and we thought it was about time you all shared in the news. It hasn't been easy keeping the secret!
Did we miss anyone? We might not have their email address; feel free to forward
Eileen & Aaron (and baby!)

A HUGE thank you to my friend Kristen over at Kiki(verde) for taking some hilarious (and adorable!) pictures of us.  We had so much fun! I'd also like to thank Stephanie at Everburg Photography who made this wonderful announcement.  

Since I was trying to keep this a secret, but need to write, I started a second blog. It's called Letters to Baby, with the URL (I would have linked it, but I'm proud of that URL!) and in it I have been keeping that obligatory weekly journal and some other musings in the form of letters to our unborn child.  Soon I will get the husband to write there too. 

I have so much more to write about...but this post is long enough.  I hope this will help end the radio silence that I undertook in an effort to keep the lid on my pregnancy.