Who am I?

Welcome to my personal corner of the internet!

I'm not sure who I am yet, but I'm having fun figuring it out!  I live with my husband (whom I am insanely in love with, but I attempt to keep the schmuck at a reasonable level)  my two spoiled kitties and way too many kitchen appliances.  I blog about the variety of crafts that I enjoy, my friends, my insane cats, food making adventures and general life.  I'm attempting to examine the mundane and extract any gems of hilarity that I can find.

The Stars of the show are....
Me (rocking my geeky love shirt)

My very own personal geek of a hubster

O Henry (named after the candy bar). The most vocal kitty I've ever met.
He's a sweety when he wants something (food...) and always has something to say!

Sir Isaac Fig Newton (aka Newt, aka, lovebug, aka flower thief,
aka reason we can't have pretty things). He looks so innocent...

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