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Leaniepi Designs is what I've named my crafting store. Here I'll post all of the nifty stuff that I've made for people to see.  If you have questions about anything you see here, or want to host a give away on your blog, please send me an email at eileenkward(at)gmail(dot)com.

This headband was lots of fun to make, and the flower is a perfect accent piece. It is a three strand headband that is tied behind your head to whatever tightness you want.  I also have headbands without flowers for $7, and can make them in a variety of colors.
3 strand headband ($15)

My friend modeling it

I have a few different crocheted necklaces, but I love how the goldstone sparkled in this picture.  These necklaces were made by crocheting wire, while picking up beads. These unique necklaces are one of a kind.

Goldstone and agate crochet necklace ($20)
I love making earrings, and also love to wear them. I think that they brighten up any outfit, and are a cheap but impressive piece of jewelry. All of my hoops (the bit that goes in your ear) are hypoallergenic. I can't wear any other type, and wouldn't make a piece that I wouldn't able to wear.  Almost all of my stones are genuine gemstones. The exception would be the goldstone, which are man-made but are so darn beautiful!  

Goldstone was created in seventeenth century Venice by alchemists that were attempting to make gold. They added copper to boiling glass, and ended up instead with one of the most unique and beautiful gems on the market.

Chainmaille earrings ($12)

crochet wire earrings ($10)

These dangley earrings are made from amethyst, crystal bi-cones and chain.  ($13)

Chain link earrings ($10, gold or silver)

These gold earrings are pearl with some agate  accent stones. ($13)

These gold Cloisonné earrings have pretty pink crystal accents.  ($13)

Goldstone earrings.  (gold earrings $15)

Goldstone with a twist! ($15)

More goldstone! ($15)

Gold goldstone with tiger's eye accent ($15)
These sodalite and crystal earrings are so pretty! ($15)

Goldstone and chain ($15)

Amethyst wrap earrings ($8)

Amethyst and crystal earrings ($10)

Lots of agates! ($12)

I had lots of fun making this cloisonné and crystal necklace.  ($23)

Cloisonné and pearl bracelet ($20)

Chainlink bracelet ($20)

My hats have been great sellers and have kept me pretty busy the last few months.  The monkey hats were a great hit, and I still have a couple left. All of my hats are stretchy, so they should fit most people. The exception is the toddler hat below.  

This toddler hat is a soft pink with a cute purple flower.  It's 20 inches  approx. in
diameter and should fit most toddlers and small kids. It's pretty stretchy yarn too.  ($20)

(Another kid's hat shot)

Monkey hat with his little monkey friend (Monkey Hat 1, $27)

Monkey 2, $27 
Another shot of Monkey 1, $27
This purple slouchy beret is perfect for these windy days.  The thick  multicolored purple
yarn is super soft.  $17

This black/grey beanie will fit both men and women. It's stretchy and warm. $15
Purple beanie $15

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