Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crafty Pictorial

I am LOVING crocheting. I have a couple of fabulous friends that, last year, helped me learn how to read patterns, so now an entire world of easy to intermediate crocheting is open to me!  I have made, so far, a bunch of hats, handwarmers, and now I'm moving onto headbands.  If you would like to buy something, please email me (or just write it in a comment below) and I will contact you. Prices are below items and include shipping.  Also, I'm on paypal.  Thank you in advance for helping to support my yarn habit!

beanie style hat, and handwarmers.  The material is incredibly soft. and flexible.  Prices,  hat  $18, hand warmers $25  (they take forever to make).  

I'm loving the new headbands!  This one has a two colored flower attached.  You simply tied it behind your head as tightly, or loosely as you please so it is perfect for people (like me!) that wear glasses.  This can be made in a variety of colors.  Price $15

Multi-colored beanie.  I can make them smaller, or bigger and in  whatever color thread I have on hand.  They warm, stretchy and so comfortable! Price $17 

3 strand headband, without a flower.  Price $8
 If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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