Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ha...organization? That' I can't concentrate long enough to organize.  This is why moving so much has been a pain in the butt for me. I'm okay putting stuff in boxes, but finding new places for our stuff makes my head spin.  Organizing, finishing projects, etc has never been a strong suit for me. Getting distracted with shiny stuff? Totally me...0h wait, I have ADD that explains that life long issue...

So today with the help of some ADD meds, I managed to re-organize (like it was organized to start with) the mess of a spice cabinet, and made it look pretty presentable.  Then I got distracted and tried to find something in the pantry, realized that was disorganized and went to find something in a drawer, in the process seeing that seeds had fallen out of their fail-safe-no-spill-method of folding the top of the packet over, and realized that I would need to clean the drawer out before I could get to the pantry.  I am embarrassed at how many times I said "omg I didn't know I had this" and "crap, I bought another one b/c I couldn't find this one!" and umm...let's just leave it at that.
One of the 'found' items...

Getting rid of decade old spices. Husband bought them....before we met.

Reorganized! Before both shelves were completely full. Now? One is empty and the other looks like I can see what I have!

All this time my husband has taken my computer apart and removed the small cat that has been dwelling in it, clogging the fan in it's obesity and making my computer fan run incredibly loudly.  When he told me, as I was walking into the next room, that I needed to see if it sounded better, I commented that since I couldn't hear it whining from the next room it was already a vast improvement.  Removing eight months of my cat shedding on it has reduced the fan noise from jet engine to silent.  Oh the joys of having a geek for a husband, and a cat that likes to sit on my chest as I attempt to type. They go so nicely hand and hand together.

Oh so back to the pantry looks pretty awesome now. My 'method' (and I use that term loosely) was to take everything out, put it on the kitchen table and then stare at it for awhile until I decided what to do with it.  Thank God for Costco letting us abscond with their boxes. Hell, for the amount of money I've spent at that place in the last they should deliver my groceries. Anyways, I find that their boxes are the perfect shelf lining size.  If the sides are too high, I can cut out the front easy display. Since my shelves are wire, having something underneath most items is key.
Lots of empty space and organized boxes!

One thing that I learned is that I need to return all the spaghetti that I recently bought to Costco, or donate it. As much as I like (okay, love) spaghetti, and have always thought of it as a staple, I'm beginning to believe that whenever I have too much gluten that my hands and feet start to ache really badly. Not to mention I feel like utter crap the next day. We went to a friend's house to play poker last night and didn't realize there wouldn't be food there and ended up ordering Domino's.  I ended up with a medium thin crust pizza with some veggies on top and about a can of coke. I could barely get up this morning. The night before I hadn't gotten much sleep, and I'm still fighting this cold but the fact that I even get as sick as I do is indicative of something serious.  Food making me sick? Time to reorganize!

So I really need to reorganize my life, my priorities and get my act straight. I have all the tools I need to succeed and stop wasting so much time, but I need to get over my lazy habits. I still haven't hit most of my January goals and the month is almost over.  I wanted to go to yoga last week and was sick, this week it snowed and the gym closed.  I'm starting some water aerobics class on Monday and even found a college classmate that was taking classes as the same pool. I can't wait to get to see her.  Now I need to also get back to the gym where I actually am paying a monthly fee to go (or not to go) to?  I haven't been using a personal trainer in months because it's so expensive but that also means that I'm not going.  Time to reorganize!

I have used my library card to download a couple of books, so I hit that goal! I had some technical issues (like Microsoft breaking links that aren't opened in explorer...seriously guys?) and not being able to transfer stuff to my phone but I'll figure it out. I watched a lot less TV this week and even did an internet black out day to protest SOPA.  I've been using my google calendar to track all of the meetup activities I have going on, and now I think I need to incorporate even more stuff in there to remind me to work out, take a walk etc.  I worked on my blog quite a bit the last week, checking out the new gadgets and different backgrounds.  What do you think? Like it? Hate it?

Are you organized? Is it something you think you are, or you learned to be?

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  1. I was born organized, I'm sure of it. But yay you for getting all of that done! I actually enjoy organizing, and I feel so much better afterwards. Which I think is why I do it so often? I feel better putting things away and restocking things.


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