Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spaghetti Meatball Alfredo

My husband requested meatballs and alfredo, and of course I immediately wondered what I would have to buy to make that reality.  After doing a quick mental check I was ecstatic to realize that, for once I wouldn't have to buy anything. Aside from asking him "uhh...people eat that?" the whole process went off without a hitch.

First I made the meatballs using a recipe I found here:
note: rolling the meatballs in flour made a big difference when you put them in the oil.  They didn't fall apart at all and had that nice brown crunch.  If I made these again I would investigate baking them instead of using oil.

Next my favorite guiltless alfredo sauce that I have made a couple of times before. I swear--it doesn't taste like it  isn't made with cream and it's thick and delicious.

I have no idea how I came across this website (ourbestbites) but they have some really gooooood recipes.

Mixed together with some spaghetti and you get this!


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