Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Awesomeness, a crafting and life update

I didn't intend to stop blogging, but I think that I got so caught up in school and family that it just got put aside.  I'm so happy that fall is here, and try to keep our windows open as much as possible to allow for the fresh air.  Newton is in heaven, spending hours out in the sun, then shade taking cat naps. I think that he soaks up so much sunshine out there that he smells like sunshine.  That, combined with brushing him has made him the softest thing-ever! He seems to have so much more energy when he's able to go outside on our porch.  He's been playing non-stop for the last 5 hours!

I have a rule about crocheting--I seem to only be able to do it when it is cool out.  That said, as soon as the weather cooled a little I dug out my yarn and started to work on finishing projects that I started last year, and put aside.  I had trouble finding the hat pattern I had been working on,  but thanks to my awesome friend, was able to reconnect.  This time I pinned it with pinterest so that I wouldn't lose it! I'm learning to seriously love pinterest. Thanks to KikiVerde for introducing me.  My first project of the year was making this hat. I made it in purple

I really really want to make some handwarmers, so I started making these, but 5,000 or so single crochet stitches gets boring really quickly.  Hats seem to work faster, so I am having fun working on those.  I also sold one of my necklaces, so I need to make some new stock before our table at Magfest in January!

I also love baking in the fall, especially apple pie! Somehow I managed to forget which kind of apples to use, so this pie turned to mush was tasty mush.  I'm planning on going apple picking this weekend so I can pick up some good baking apples, and some for applesauce too!
For the record-the husband ate this

A couple of weeks ago, we went to my friend's son's pirate themed birthday party! My husband had fun acting like a pirate. He impressed the birthday boy with his eyepatch! The picture is actually of a sticker on his eye, but he brought his real eyepatch too.  Lots of fun.
I married a pirate!

I am hoping to do a give away soon! My friends have created a new etsy shop  and are having lots of fun being creative. I hope to work on this next week.

This weekend--Ren fest, and apple picking! I'm excited.  I had really hoped to put up my pictures from my in-laws visit, but my husband's computer CRASHED...several times and the server with all our pictures is connected. Soon--promise!

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