Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Fun!

We had lots of fun this weekend, so I think I'll just show you the evidence :)
First we hit up the Maryland Renaissance Festival. 
Newton was 'helping' Aaron get dressed. He decided to eat the belt while Aaron was trying to fix it. 

My favorite group, the Pirates Royale are first to preform.  I had their CD long before seeing them live, and haven't been disappointed yet!

Then, the always hilarious O'Danny Girls

We ran into my friend Melodi!  Her daughter's group preforms.  I didn't feel like putting on a corset, so I broke out my new tie dyed tunic, and matched it with a garland. I felt pretty.

Attempting to take a picture, while husband is the monk btw

Melodi's daughter's group--they are amazing!!
 Following Renn fest, the husband got to pick the activity...
he chose D&D (Dungeon's and Dragon's for those non nerds), so I drew a picture of my character.  She's awesome!

Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing ginger cookies!  I generally hate the idea of using crisco but the cookies  are really chewy and amazing. 

Flour tortilla time!  I would like to save some money, so I figured  making some tortillas would save money, AND be delicious!
And then...

I really like that, even though I had a friend here all weekend, we didn't eat out at all.  I suffer from going for the easiest option, rather than cooking and having stuff at home...and then complain about there being no food in our house. I spend farrrr too much on groceries to ever complain that there isn't food.  Time to keep lists, make meal plans, and use what we have in the pantry! I'll update in a week with my successes, and failures.  

(clink the links for the recipes! I don't take credit for thinking them up, just eating the delicious results!)

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  1. I went a few weeks ago with a bunch of people. It was fun :) My post about it:


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