Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 years of my life I will actually remember!

My mom had surgery yesterday, and thankfully it seems like she is on the road to recovery.  I was awaken this morning by a phone call from her, and was so happy to hear her sound like herself.  However, being woken up with a phone call lead to me forgetting to take my medicine and later finding myself sprawled on the couch wondering why I barely had the motivation to blind, let alone get any work done. Luckily I realized that I'd forgotten my medicine but I still feel like crap. Does anyone else get instantly and insanely addicted to caffeine? I do. I can drink 2 sodas one day and feel like I have a 8 shot tequila on an empty stomach hangover the next day. What...the...hell!  I hate it. Please pause for me to go make tea because I'm sick of my head spinning.

Okay moving on.  Last year I met this lovely flight attendant whom my husband decided was the coolest girl like EVER after she did the safety speech for him. Oh yes, she did.  Anyways, this fabulous lady had a journal. It's the Q& A a day 5 year journal and when I saw it I knew I needed it. I love writing, I love keeping records but I suck at maintaining routines, which means that I have tons of half filled notebooks.   This journal has guided questions and 4 lines to answer, with space for 5 years worth of answers. I knew I needed this thing, and she promised it to me for my birthday but when she went to the store they didn't have it (and apparently I was too lazy to look it up on amazon like I just did for you). Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, after watching the Newies (oh yeah, the only school Disney one!) and drooling over baby Christian Bale for awhile, she pulled my own awesome journal out of her bag annnnd of course I had to start writing! Note that she made me wait until after I'd watched the entire movie.  

Every time I write, I wonder where I'll be in 5 years, looking back at this wondering what the heck was going on in my life now.  I thought I would share some of the questions and my answers for your viewing pleasure.

April 20, How many times did you curse today?
answer: Too many times to count, although having acupuncture and not driving much considerably cut that number down.  

April 26, How much spare change do you have? 
answer: Quite a bit.  I really need to empty it into the jar. all my penny's seem to end up in my center console though. 

April 27, What "type" of person are you? 
answer: Blunt and to the point.  I don't want to hurt people's feelings, but I hate when people don't say what they mean.  I have a big mouth.   (note, I don't see this changing much)

May 1, Messy or neat? 
answer: haha...disorganized buy clean. It will be fun to see if this changes

May 5, Today was hilarious because ________________-
answer: Ayana (friend's daughter) kept telling my husband about not eating the bug he caught and she remembered him for this feat.  (Ayana is a hilarious bug catching 2 year old).  

May 8, Who do you think is cute?
answer: Newton! He's adorable! Oh yea, so is my hubby :)

So you see how this is going, right?  The guided questions do the work for you, and the short writing space eliminates that freak out when you see a huge blank piece of paper.  Let's see if I can get into this routine for 5 years. I love this thing so far though.

Do you write in a journal? Blog?
How do you track your life?
The older you get the more you forget and I'm terrified of forgetting everything. Does anyone else face this?


  1. When I was 19 I purchased a somewhat similar book called "All About Me"

    A few years later I re-read it and whited out some of the questions that I had previously written (mostly because they were about my first husband, the anti-christ).

    Other than that, I am like you and have a bunch of journals with the first several pages filled out.

    I do tend to give a day to day account of things that happen to me on Facebook though.

    The Q&A book looks interesting :)

  2. Should I give you my answers for the same ones you did?

    Apr 20- How many times did you curse today? I don't curse, normally. However, I watched the Newsies and listened to both soundtracks all day, so I did swear while quoting and singing.

    April 26, How much spare change do you have? A TON. On my dresser, in my purse, in pounds, in Euros, in cents...

    April 27, What "type" of person are you? I'd like to think I'm a good person. As for "type," maybe a little on the geeky side?

    May 1, Messy or neat? Messy. Can't help it, it's who I am.

    May 5, Today was hilarious because ________________- we raced Mom to Paradise Bakery. She may have pulled into her parking spot first, but we ran to the front door first, so I say we won!

    May 8, Who do you think is cute? Damian McGinty! And Zac Efron.

    I especially liked the May 5th entry, because that was such a fun memory with my sister and my mom, and now I'll be reminded of it for the next 5 years!

  3. I was going to write something but I forgot what it was!

  4. I always wish that I would actually write in my journal more but I never do. I think this book might be a great way to start writing again... thanks for the suggestion!!


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