Monday, November 22, 2010

Shopping Queen!

Wow I did a lot today, and I felt great while doing it!  I had an excellent workout this morning with my trainer E. after were were done doing our circuit, we headed to the floor to do abs and stretching.  I asked if  I could do more crunches/curl ups, so after doing a couple hundred of those I hit the elliptical for a half hour. I sweated up a storm and my feet didn't go numb like they typically do after long periods of time. Before I hit the cardio machine E and  I had a conversation about our motivations in getting fit. I told him that I didn't want to work out thinking that I could be skinny and have a perfect body, but rather because I really do desire to be healthy. I really do just want to have a healthy body, and a healthy baby.  I know that I will NEVER look like a catalog model and I'm ok with that.  My body was, frankly made for having kids. I'm German--come on!  Us good German girls are NOT waifs.  A healthy weight for me is around 180, and I'm 273 as of this morning.  I finally started dropping weight again so I'm excited.
Thanksgiving is looking more exciting as a scored an invite from my aunt for A and myself.  We are in charge of the turkey, stuffing and an apple pie.  I can't wait!  I'm going to make the crust from scratch, for the second time.  I am going to use butter this time instead of crisco.  I only used crisco because I wanted to use it up last time. I generally have a rule against that crap; at least butter comes from a natural source.
This evening my friend M and I went shopping.  Lots of shopping! I had to return some towels because I got them for half the price at a different store.  I think we went to EVERY store in Star City.  I got this awesome bubbler cat water dish, and a catnip ball for the kitties.  Anyways...lots of fun, and since I saved so much on other stuff, in the end I used mostly that money and birthday money.
Overall...excellent day :)
What did you do today? What are you doing to prepare for Thanksgiving? Do you Black Friday shop? I totally avoid the crowds if possible--it totally isn't worth it.



  1. Well, after I got up at 5:45am to drive to Shrewsbury to watch/drive three kids to school, I did nothing, when I was supposed to be writing an 8-10 pg paper for Nov 23rd at 7pm. This paper, of which I had all semester to write. I have all my research, i just haven't written it!!. So, no it's oh, midnight, and I have to take the kids to school again in the AM. I am going to type as much as I possibly can before falling asleep, taking the kids to school, then napping. Then finishing the paper.

    I am working at Ted's (we have several reservations) Thanksgiving, so I can have Christmas Eve off to be with my family, the only holiday we really all care about (bc Auntie Jean is in town and we open presents, really).

    I do not do anything on Black friday. I stay as far away from stores, malls, majors roads, restaurants as possible.

    AS soon as I finish my paper, and got o my 7pm class, I am driving to Prov to see my boy :) Then I'm working Thanksgiving, the boy is coming to see me Friday, I'm working Sat, and I'm seeing the boy Sunday. So all in all a pretty good week, If I can JUST WRITE THIS PAPER!!! LOL

  2. Great to hear that your workout went so well! Keep up the good work :)

  3. I woke up at 5:30, growled at my alarm, set it for 6:30, and went back to sleep...

    Finally got up at 7:30, called my beloved wife just to hear her voice before I rushed out the door. Then I spent all day doing <CLASSIFIED> for <CLASSIFIED> at <CLASSIFIED>, and boy was that <CLASSIFIED>!

    Apparently, everyone's leaving early these days, so I had to go before I was left behind...came back to the room, hacked a tiny little level transition feature into Cower before uploading the executable that I'm sure nobody will even try out, and now I think I'm going to get copious amounts of sleep...

    And tomorrow....I get to see my sweetheart!!!

    Oh, and the kitties too :)


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