Tuesday, November 30, 2010

coming along!

The packing is coming along. I'm optimistic that we will get it all done before Saturday.  I had been pretty evasive about an actual date that I am going to Maryland full time, but since my tonsils have forced me to get an appointment with an ENT out there, I will be going out on Tuesday.  We have people on both ends to help load the truck and it seems like everything is coming together!

I'm optimistic about this ENT appointment, as this is the guy that took out my friend's tonsils. I really don't see any way that they won't look at the disgusting things, make a cross with their fingers and immediately call to schedule an OR.  Yeah, they are that bad, and pretty much constantly hurt.

If I stop eating junk I will be close to my weight loss goal for this month (which, losing 5lbs last month instead of 11 I totally missed).  I know that if I did more cardio that I would be hitting goals left and right, but along with not doing enough cardio, I do a lot of weight training which develops muscles, which weigh more than fat.  I am eating a lot less than I used to, I know that. I am more aware of what I am eating, when and how much. Right now I am eating junk.  Not a lot of it at a time, but junk devoid of most nutritional value unfortunately.  I can't wait to be settled into the new house.  While I don't want to fall into the trap of talking about what I'll do in the future constantly, being settled and less stressed will be wonderful!

I have been working on finding new doctors in MD, and am so far super encouraged by how easy it was to find an appointment with an ENT.

I have been doing a lot of A loving lately. I feel...okay, I know that I can be a bossy pain in the butt occasionally, and I want to let him hear and see that I love him and that I am striving to be a better person, daily.  I really have struggled during the last 3 years we've been together to break old, and learn new habits.  Habits that aren't about  stress and drama, but love, caring and patience.

Hugs to all...I hope that I can continue to update, but my internet availability is really limited since I don't have it at my house, and shouldn't be farting around all night with my neighbors...although it is super fun.


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