Monday, February 18, 2013

Learning New Skills

My husband is a geek, an alpha geek at that. He loves to make computer's sing and dance. You'd think that would mean that he had the nicest of computers, and nothing technical in our house would ever be broken for long. Yeah, so not true. Right now he's working off of a laptop he just bought, because this desktop that he built while I was still in college, kept blue-screening. His computer history since we moved into this house has been a comedy of error, and hopefully he'll build himself something worthy of the level of his geekiness. 

Another issue we have is my husband's not-always-stellar time management skills. He summed it up after we got married by telling me that it would take, on average, six months for him to fix anything. I didn't realize that this wasn't limited to just technology, but also things like cleaning our bathroom, and getting around to buying himself a new computer. Someone once told me that I married an older guy and that he would want to shape and mold me into someone. I sort of laughed it off, but thinking about it, it's not entirely untrue. My husband wants me to, in short, become the best version of myself. In his eyes this includes widening my skill set, especially my technological skills. He isn't at all biased in this, you see.

 When we first moved here, I took a intro to programming class, and basically ended up having to come home and have him re-teach me everything, which made me think that it was a waste of money. Then I realized that if we apply the six month rule to him teaching me, without the constraint of a collegiate timeline, that I would become proficient in something, around my 50th birthday. So, while I've been slacking off in figuring out a direction I wanted to take my skills in, I know that I will probably have to go back and take classes. So we're now figuring out how to increase my technological knowledge, while helping me from losing motivation and interest along the way.

Right now, I have a keen interest in learning how to personalize my blog, and learning HTML/CSS to do it. Yesterday we sat down for a couple of hours, and made a sample webpage, which taught me quite a bit about the difference between HTML/CSS, and how the stuff that Blogger uses to automatically produce their websites, isn't necessarily the best syntax to use. I actually had quite a bit of fun, and am learning about how I personally, learn. I can now recognize when my eyes sort of gloss over, and I start to completely use focus. As I'm learning new things, you'll hopefully see my blog change and develop.

 I'm excited to see the progression of these changes, and I'm hoping that, in the end, I'll have an awesome, and professional looking blog. Then, I just need to keep writing! I've been searching for something that would help me professionally, and personally and learning about web design/development might be it. I'm really interested in seeing where this next year takes me.


  1. HTML makes me dizzy. Literally. It looks like a foreign language and I don't understand any of it. So um... good luck. ;)

  2. I have discovered that learning about things that excite me has lead to things that originally I had no interest in at all (as in eyes glaze over when subject was brought up). Keep your options open, delve into what interests you now, at this time in your life and have fun! (bonus that Husband can and will teach)
    Love ya!


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