Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Orlando, or not to Orlando Part 1

You know those awesome videos on Youtube where parents tell their kids that they're going to Disney, but only when they're on their way there already? The kids burst out crying, and screaming and carrying on.  Sadly it appears my husband's only response is a soild 'meh.'

 Well my husband is switching jobs, and being the supportive kind wife I am, I demanded a vacation somewhere warm with white sand after he quit his current job.  He's been stressed, and that stresses me.  We deserve a vacation.  First we batted around the idea of going to this tiny island in the Carribean  but planning something like that quickly on any sort of a budget was killing me. Then I got this great idea--let's go to Disney (okay, Orlando) and have the vacation I never had a kid, but I've always wanted.  Super excited, I started looking up deals, found amazing flights for 400 bucks for both of us round trip, and started talking to people about their experiences, where to stay and what beaches to hit up. I had like 15 windows open as I contemplated the merits of Cirque Du Soleil vs. Blue Man Group, and if we wanted to go to universal studios, or Disney, and where to stay. husband gets home.  I regale him excitedly with all of these details that I'm happily making a spreadsheet and list about (no joke, I like me some lists), and his response, "but I thought we were going to (insert tiny Carribean Island here with large touch of whine)"  But, I countered, yet again, "I already told you that we can't afford it, and that I wasn't interested in trying to plan that last minute. I'm sorry, but I'm much more excited about this, and I can do it on a budget."

Next ensues what can only be politely referred to as a 'whine fest' where we both whined and groused towards our reasons for wanting to go to each place, which culminated in my declaring that I didn't want to go on vacation after all, and I basically left for a dinner date I was late for.

Oh so mature.  Ohhh, the maturity, it just shines through, along with our very obviously first world problems. We are seriously arguing over where to go on vacation? However, this is indicative of our type of communication faux pas.  See, I had already set a budget--the money that we had been putting aside for the last year to actually go on a vacation. My hubs budget apparently was 'every cent we can scrape up.' That type of budget does not work well with switching jobs, and still being able to pay rent and bills. Also, I didn't realize that he had no idea what type of activities were actually available in Florida. He's from the west coast, and and frequently, and infuriatingly, likes to stay blissfully ignorant of these things until I rudely demand he learn more. So when I asked him what he thought of Florida, his honest response was that he thought, "Florida is that place that old people retire, and where Scarface was set."  Really?  Let's just say it's time for Phase 2 of Operation Going where Eileen Wants to on Vacation....

Stay Tuned for finding out where we are going and how the planning is going...

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  1. I'll tell you what, Matt and I went and did Disney for a WEEK with his family. His completely bat shit crazy family who don't even like me, essentially ruined my 21st birthday, and gave me the option to sleep on the laundry room floor or "if I absolutely MUST" be with Matt, we got to share a twin size bed for a week. It was horrible.

    But we did Epcot, MGM studios, then we went to the Typhoon Lagoon water park (loved), Magic Kingdom, and then Animal Kingdom. BEST WEEK EVER. Seriously, if I do nothing else as a mom, my goal is to take the kids on this same vacation in a few year. But you can do a park and then a water park there. Typhoon Lagoon was really fun, we were EXHAUSTED by the time we did everything, swam and soaked in every ray of sun we could. :) OR, you can seriously go to Madeira Beach in Florida, it's quiet, it's got touristy things, it has a beach, and it has fab restaurants for cheap. AND it's within a few miles of bigger city/more fun. :)


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