Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're Going To.....

So we left off with my husband thinking, that when I was talking about going to swim in'the Gulf,' that I was talking about his time overseas during the first Persian Gulf war. Feel free to facepalm--I did. The next day however, out of the blue, this beautiful Google chat happened:

(Most likely I was apologizing for my earlier behavior and telling him how much I loved him. Let's skip the schmucky stuff)
A: Do you love me because I'm going to take you to harry potter world?me: are you?we are going to do this?I'm going to get to see Hogwarts?And drink butterbeer?really?!?!? really?!?!?!?!
A: In all its butterbeer glory.

Soo...we're going to Florida! I've only been twice before--once when I was a nanny and we spent most of the time at Epcot with a two year old. The second time was also when I was a nanny, and we went on a cruise, but only spent the night in Orlando.  I wasn't on my schedule, and had limited flexibility with what I could do on those trips. This time...we are going to have some fun!

Once my husband realized that I wasn't asking to take him swimming in a warzone (umm...context clues honey!) he jumped on the Florida bandwagon and started doing some research.  Since homie is turning 4-0 while we're down there(!!!), I'm taking him to see Blue Man Group for his birthday (second row anyone?). I plan on drinking too much Butterbeer, riding some rides, hopefully not standing in lines for too long, swimming anywhere that there aren't gators, and most of all...being somewhere warm, spending time with the man I love more than anything.  Looking outside at the grey and the rain, while being constantly barraged with tails of how awful the weather is in the rest of the country, makes me desperate to leave today.

Of course, upon finding out that I was travelling to Orlando, my friend and I began to sing this song from The Book of Mormon, obviously loudly. My husband couldn't figure out what we were singing, so we forced him to watch as well.  He approved.

In other news, I have a big swap at my house this weekend, and unless a table fairy comes and bops me on the head, I have no clue where I'm putting stuff, or for that matter what anyone is bringing. In the past, I feel like I've had a bit of a better idea of the types of things that people are bringing. This weekend, I haven't a clue. I just pray for decent weather, and a good turn out.  Oh, and for whatever charity comes to pick stuff up, to find happy homes for a house's worth of stuff.  I'm really happy to have a means to provide people with a way to give away unwanted items, and trade them for more wanted items. I love bartering, and trading. I get so tired of how badly things are made, and how we throw so much away. That said, I'm trying really hard to not turn into a pack rat, and think everyone should go through everything they own a semi-regular basis.  It's good to know what you have and you never know what you'll find. It's like Christmas...with your own stuff!

So, I think on this cold day, I'll watch Biggest Loser and start hauling crap out of our "Harry Potter closet" for the swap. Yes, we have a closet in our stairs, and yes, you're damn right that I dubbed it the Harry Potter closet as soon as I saw it. I would be a bad fan not to!  And no, no one is sleeping in there, and there are no spiders.  Well, someone could sleep in there, but it's too full of our crap right now.


  1. YAY for going to Florida!!! And I think that the best part of the vacation is sometimes the anticipation. :)

  2. Sounds like a good vacation spot! I've been there once. When you describe the miscommunications btw. your husband and yourself, I can't help but chuckle a little. I have some of the same type of issues. I think it is mostly bc 1. We grew up in totally different places and raised differently, and 2. We just think in different ways.

    So, yeah... I hope you have a great vacation! :)


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