Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does your cat do this?

I have an awesome cat. No, seriously, he is really awesome...when he isn't dropping toys on my face at 2am and not covering his poop (although the other cat might be the chief poop offender).  My husband was in the basement doing some work when Newton...being his normal curious self decided to investigate what was in the tool box.  The hubby decided to make him a toy by taking a zip tie, closing it and the cutting the 'tail' off. Newton is OBSESSED with this thing (he has 3 now) and they are bright orange, although my husband thinks they are pink (he's colorblind).  I finally got video of him fetching but this cat has been doing this since we got him more than two years ago.  His best trick is dropping his toys from the top landing of our stairs through the banister, then rushing downstairs to get it, and back up again.  This is why he is named Sir. Isaac Fig Newton Ward.

He was being really good and actually bringing me to, instead of dropping right out of my reach and then staring at me to get up and get it.

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