Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Update

Earlier this week I lived through my first earthquake.  I had been sitting on the couch, actually trying to make a phone call and all of the sudden I feel a shudder and my windchimes start making some noise, but the cat isn't hitting the curtain they are attached to. The the shudders get stronger and I yell to my husband, who yells back and me and pulls me into the stairway...we BOTH then yell for our cleaning lady who is in our bathroom upstairs.  She was pretty shaken up.  Husband didn't want us to go upstairs for awhile until we were sure we would have another aftershock.  The other night I felt one, but it was nothing compared to the first.

We picked up my inlaws on Thursday--it was an adventure for another blog.

Now...a hurricane. My mom cancelled her trip here, since she would have arrived about six hours ago by train, and wasn't even sure if Amtrak would be running at this point. I think we could have made it there and back safely, but she didn't want to be stressed out the entire time. I completely understand.  Now my inlaws and I are just chilling and watching CNN.  We are more or less waiting for the lights to go out but fortunately we haven't yet. It's been raining hard for more than six hours with almost sideways rain and this is the light part of the storm.

I'm worried if we lose our electricity that the sump pump will go out and our basement will flood. I'm not sure they've ever gotten this much rain.  Updates...will be forthcoming.


  1. I think it's crazy how one part of the country can be having some extreme weather, and another part of the country can be having a nice sunny summer day. Hopefully you guys emerge unscathed!

  2. Forgot to mention I like your new blog background!!


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