Friday, February 10, 2012

Fandooble Game review

Two days before Christmas my forward thinking husband (who never procrastinates) decided it was time to shop for Christmas.  He apparently walked over the mall, walked in the bookstore and just bought a bunch of games and a couple of books for me.  He loves playing games, and thinks that getting me hooked in board games will both create a geekier wife for him, and be a gateway drug to the opium that are full fledged video games. We shall see. I have the attention span for board games, but video games just seem to take too much commitment.

And the sneaky Fandooble that steals coins from your 'friends' in the game
Two of the games that we've played a lot are Dominion (I'll blog about that later) and Fandooble.  Fandooble is a pretty simple dice game that depends on a little lucky, and some strategy too.  In the gmae you are trying to get the most gold coins.  You steal coins from both red and green dragons and also the other players.  There are green dragons that end your turn if you get three of them and then there are the dreaded red dragon, which, if you are unfortunate to roll three of, you lose all of your coins. I had almost won the game...there were only a couple of gold pieces left when tragedy struck.
yeah that would be 3 red dragons and me looking very very sad
And all the damn coins I lost

 Needless to say, I lost this game really badly.  It's such a fun game though that is family friendly, easy to teach and learn and doesn't take a really long time to play.
The box top

Check it out on Amazon HERE.


  1. Thanks for the tip- haven't played that one before, and it sounds fun! I got Dominion for Christmas from my husband too, and we love it! Can't wait to get some expansion packs for my birthday and try some new cards!

  2. It's fun (and super easy)! Dominion is it's own version of crack but if your cards suck, the game gets annoying. Fandooble is NOT a game to play if you want to think really hard. It's a good winding down game.


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