Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winning is fun! Thanks Sara

There is nothing like going to your mailbox and finding a box addressed to you.  Oh, you don't get mail that isn't a bill? I don't get that too frequently either.  After I came inside and had a lovely conversation with USAA (no seriously, I had a conversation with a bank that put me in a GOOD mood!) I was finally able to sit down and open my box.

A couple of weeks ago I won this blog giveaway over on Sara's Organized Chaos blog.  I'm not sure how I came across Sara's blog, but she's awesome. She's witty, sarcastic, hilarious and has the cutest Wisconsin accent (that she claims no responsibility for), and adoooorable kids.  I wish she lived closer because I want to be her real life friend, not just cyber stalker!

I had been expecting a box, but I was still excited to see it. When I opened this box I expected a decent smutty romance novel to fall into my lap. What I didn't expect was all of this:
A book, a heart shaped ring pop, a pez dispenser, and this beautiful card.  The card says "Owl always Love You." The computer was a prop, not a prize, sorry guys.  Did I mention how all this awesome made my day?

Thanks Sara! I love it all, but I'll admit right now that my husband will be stealing all that pez.  I will not relinquish control of the ring pop though!

Like her beautiful card? Check out Sara's blog for all her awesome crafty shiz (her word, not mine!).  Also check out her blog for frequent giveaways, and great reading.

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