Thursday, February 9, 2012

When what I read doesn't reflect what I believe

I have an addiction and it's coming back to haunt me.  Okay, I admit it. As a hobby, I study religious fundamentalism, and spend exorbinate amounts of time reading blogs written by fundamental Christians.  I read about fundamentalism in other faiths too, but my link to all the blogs is mainly focused on Christian evangelical fundamentalist and the damaging effects of isolation and patriarchy.  Today while looking over my blog, I saw this ad in my adsense ad on the side of my screen.

Crap!  Google is recording all of those pages that I go to, and using that history to advertise to me. Can they not also see the fact that I come to these sites through a snark board that is dedicated to teaching about the ills of religious fundamentalism?

If Google really wanted to advertise to me, they would advertise the book The Unlikely Disciple! It's about a guy that goes to Liberty for a semester to attempt to understand the rise in religious fundamentalism in this country. Excellent book--read it!

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