Thursday, February 2, 2012

I won?!??!

I just got the news that I won a blog giveaway over on my friend Sara's blog! Since I pretty much never win anything, this made my day!

Check out Sara at:

Sara's blog provides hours of amusement through her blunt and hilarious take on all things related to life, children and the morons that we all have the misfortune of crossing on a daily basis. Please check her out, and enter some of her blog giveaways!

Lastly, here is your daily dose of OMG ADORABLE!

he had his little paw over his face!


  1. He looks like my stupid cat Stumpy! Stumpy sleeps like that all of the time. And likes you to slap his ass. But that's not something I like to talk about so much.

  2. bahahahaha!! That cracks me up. Newton thinks his 'place' in life is on my boobs, and gets very mad when I'm not home and he slides off of my husband's chest. I saw your kitty in the video I just watched and was thinking the same thing! I call him my super hero b/c of his little mask and cape. Too cute fo words. Is your cat redunkulously floppy too? Newton is sort of a noodle when you pick him up.

  3. Sleeping cats always make me happy.

  4. I won a $100 value digital camera in the $15M Shaws giveaway, but I don't need a digital camera :( I am thinking of saving it and giving it to the refugee family I will soon be mentoring....I suspect they may not have one

  5. that's awesome! Make sure it isn't against the 'rules' to give gifts. Some organizations don't want to be seen as Santa, and have really strict rules.


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