Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hiccup hiccup gulp gulp

How often do you get the hiccups?  Are they little girlie hiccups, or loud gasping gulping hiccups?  Mine are the loud type. Loud and painful, plus I get the hiccups all the time. No, seriously; all of the time.  There have been times that I have gotten the hiccups 5-10 times a day. Is that normal? I don't think so. 
I generally get the hiccups more often than normal, so it didn't surprise me when after having tonsil surgery started getting them again except this time I started getting these weird gulping throat constricting things that made me cry out in pain.  It turns out that my medicine is causing it!  This is why I need to read the drug interaction papers that come with my medicine, because people don't normally think of hiccups as a side effect of pain medication!!

On the topic of medicine, my doctors office called in a prescription for my pain meds, but neglected to write it in such a way that the medcine had tylenol in it.  When I called to inquire (I attempted to have my friend call, but they were giving her the run around) the pharrmacist treated me like I was a moron.  I wanted to know if the medicine had tylenol in it, as my past medicine did so I was obviously not allowed to take additional tylenol.  Not a terribly difficult question to answer, but after a couple of minutes they gave me a straight answer.  
Now I'm conflicted over whether to call my doctors office and have them write the script for the exact same medicine I had before or not since...it causes hiccups.  The new stuff they gave me however means taking twice as much medication and it tastes AWFUL.  Not only does it taste awful, it makes me really dizzy/woozy and I ended up in bed, and makes my stomach super upset.  The other medicine didn't bother my stomach at all, but this stuff makes me want to throw up.  

After looking at this list, I think I'm calling the doctor in the morning.  My stomach wants me to. 

The scabs are sort of starting to come off. I'm not going to torture anyone with a picture of what I describe as a 'mucus covered stalagtite.'  My uvula is huge, and I can start to see new skin developing on the left side.

What do people think if cable? I thought that I desperately needed it, and couldn't wait to get it again when we moved.  Now that I have it, I'm not really impressed.  It is like there are 500 shows that have just been cycled around over and over again for a decade.  While I miss the interface, I can get almost everything I want on hulu, or online.  I think when I get a new computer I will want to ditch the cable.  What do you think?  My experience seems to make it even more obvious that the face of television viewing is changing.  


  1. well first I get loud gulping hiccups all the time.. Mine are from gerd, which is from having my gallbladder taken out, so nothing I could really do about that. second, I would totally get new medication if it makes your stomach hurt, nothing worse than that. 3rd, my apartment has basic cable, and I really don't miss the bigger package.. Cable isn't really all that anymore, and you can find most everything on either hulu or like netflix... Great post, and hope you get to feeling better.

  2. I really don't like hiccups. I used to get them every other time I walked by a particular water fountain in a place I used to work, so I think they can be sub-consciously triggered or something.

    We're thinking of getting rid of cable ourselves. Netflix/Hulu should take care of everything we want to watch. But we haven't done so yet.

  3. Amber--I think you've totally solved my weird hiccuping problem!!

    I am having Aaron check out what the different prices are.

  4. defintely ditch cable..unless you are home alot and plan to watch it. I ahven't "watched tv" with any consistency since may 2008, when I moved out of my apt (in which it TIVOed everything and spent tooo much time watching tv.

    I get by with online news, newspapers, hulu, online shows, netflix.

    In fact, i think online access and netfliz has replaced me previous tv addiction....oy vey..


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