Friday, December 24, 2010

sleep is the enemy? Who is sleeping??

They say sleep is the enemy after a tonsillectomy since you never want to let your throat dry out. What isn't mentioned is that you can't sleep even if you want because you're up every 45 minutes peeing out all those fluids you drank and eating more jello to stave off hunger pains at 4am. Oh yeah, I also love sucking on hard candy since things that aren't sweet at all, for some reason, taste dirty. Werthers toffees are my favorite by far since I never allow myself candy this is a rare treat.
A made me scrambled eggs this morning that were heavenly.  The problem is getting them down. It isn't hard to chew--but when you get to the actual swallowing part, thats where things get dicey.  It's hard getting used to the feeling of crap constantly in your throat and sometimes food feels like it gets stuck. Talking last night and eating some naan was probably a mistake for that reason. I'm going to try mashed potatoes tonight, but that might not work...generally my pain has increased to a 3 constantly to a 1 constantly, but a 6-7 when swallowing.  The other weird thing is it feels like when I swallow, stuff isn't actually going down! I'm left with half of it still in my mouth, so on top of everything else I have to relearn to swallow.  

More later--battery is dying.

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