Saturday, December 25, 2010


I am laying in bed, on Christmas with a cat sprawled across my chest, a laptop on my lap and some gum in my mouth.  I can't really complain! Newton is the snuggliest kitty and makes being bed ridden so much more pleasurable.
My mouth hurts--especially the roof of the mouth, which must have been traumatized in some way during the surgery.  My throat, aside from feeling like there is something in it, doesn't hurt except when I swallow and then it REALLY hurts.  My ears are starting to hurt too, so I'm chewing gum which seems to help.
Getting through the night is difficult, as I have to get up to use the toilet, or take medicine, or drink water as soon as I actually get to sleep.
I feel bad for my husband because he is trying to get work done, but I need stuff from him. Yesterday I was in pain and needed snuggles and he was totally there to take a nap with me.  He has been awesome keeping track of when I can take my meds because based on pain, I need them basically hourly.  I'm worried that is is going to get even MORE painful.
When you are told to stick to liquids, it isn't because you can't swallow solids, it is because they come back UP, after getting stuck in your throat.  Just an FYI if you think that eating bread on day 2 is a good idea--it wasn't! I'm just sticking to apple juice slushies and jello. I haven't really been getting hungry, and have some pre-surgery weight to lose, because I actually let myself eat things like red meat and cookies so I'm not going to wither away and die lol.
Now I am going to continue to catch up on hulu with snuggles from the kitty.
Merry Christmas.  What are you doing this year?


  1. Sounds like you're doing all right Eileen!

    I survived dinner with my family last night and even had a tiny bit of fun...hehe.

    Had a lovely breakfast with my boyfriend, visited a friend and now relaxing at home before working all day tomorrow.

  2. I'm glad you and ur fam are getting along--at least for dinner!
    How's the boyfriend? Sounds like things are going well :)

  3. I think I expected a dramatic change one way or the other on the cruise, and think we stayed pretty much level. which is fine too. I think we won't know more until he deploys.


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