Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday was my two year wedding anniversary.  We call it 'paper signing' day since all we ended up doing was going to the courthouse with a couple of friends (which, since I didn't invite family my mother will never let me live down). It doesn't make our wedding, or marriage any less valid, but in typical Eileen style, I had to deviate from the norm.  One day we will have a 'real' wedding, hopefully at sea, hopefully when I'm about 100lbs lighter and would look mad hot in an inappropriately white (or off-white) dress.  Since we are already 'married' we get to set all the rules.

So...onto the celebrations! Last night we got dinner at Sushi Sono, which I feel a need to review. It was recommended by one of my ladies over at Happy Housewives and since we both like sushi I thought it would be perfect.  Note about me--I hate fish...but I like sushi.  I eat the vegetarian stuff, or a California roll. I occasionally get adventurous and eat some shrimp sashimi, but even that can get too 'fishy' for me.  No need to recommend things fishy that you think I'll love, I'm pretty sure at this point in my existence, my hatred of fish is pathological.

Sushi Sono is located in Columbia, MD at 10215 Wincopin Cr overlooking Lake Kittamaqundi, which you can see from every window, making the view very nice.  We arrived around 6pm, and were immediately seated. The place was around 1/2- 3/4's full with 1/2 of the seats at the sushi bar taken, but most tables occupied.  I love the decorations.  Lots of beautiful rice paper walls and lamps, along with authentic swords above my head.  My husband commented on liking that the sushi chefs were actually older (if 50's is older) genetlemen vs. guys in their 20's.  The hostess, a Japanese woman, was hilarious.  I made a comment about wanting to sit at a table instead of the bar so we could be silly, and she commented that "we could sit at a table and be as silly as we wanted!" then she proceeded to sit us near the front door where she could hear us.  We were pretty tame though.

After we sat down a waitress brought us a hot towel to wash our...I washed my hands with it (and assumed that was what it was for).  My husband who has actually BEEN to Japan told me that they were actually for your face.  Let's just say, I was wearing masacara, and it wasn't happening.  Hubby ordered hot tea, and 6 peices of ala carte sushi and a California roll. I ordered a cucumber roll, California roll, edemame and some teriaki chicken.  So...I thought my husband had ordered a lot more food than he had.  I was wrong and it ended up looking like I ordered half the menu.  I also assumed we would share the edemame, but I only managed to get him to eat one pod's worth.  Oh well, more for me.

His assessment: The food wasn't as good as our old standby in VA (Jasmine Garden ).  The decorations however, were beautiful.

My assessment:  My rolls were good, but the rice had a little too much vinegar in it, and my cucumber roll was 'de-rolling' before I could even get it in my mouth.  My teriaki chicken was bland and basically uneventful. I didn't even take my leftovers home.  I loved the edemame, but it also wasn't anything specical.

One weird thing: until it started getting really busy the waitresses were unnaturally hovering around us attempting to give us advice (since white people don't know sushi?) and just generally staring.  I think they were flirting with my husband, since they mostly ignored me.

For $60, it was overpriced and the food wasn't that great.  It was a fun experience though, and I enjoyed the service and atmosphere. My water glass also never got more than a sip out of it before someone came rushing over to re-fill it.  I drank a lot of water.

After dinner we went to the see Green Lantern.  I'm not sure why it would get bad reviews.  My husband seemed to think that it stayed pretty true to the comic books he was raised on, it was funny and there was quite a bit of good action.  Overall, I liked it. I still have issues seeing Ryan Reynolds in something other than "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place," but I might be the only person that actually watched that show.

My anniversary was wonderful, and sharing the cherry coke at the movies was a good call on my part, since I slept like an overtired baby.

Message to my hubby: Thank you for putting up with all of my insanity, neuroses and still loving me more everyday.  I love you more than words can discribe and you have made my life so incredibly wonderful these last few years.  I will be schmucky in love with you as long as we are both still living (which means you better not die anytime soon)!  May we have a long and happy marriage with many schnugs and kitty loves. And just cause I haven't said it in awhile,  you cried first at our wedding;).  I love you.

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