Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No more fear!

A couple of weeks ago at the psychiatrist I faced my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone and doing new things alone.  In doing this I somehow I made myself conscious of what I was doing to myself and the opportunities that I was missing and did something to change it.  I realized through talking to people that I had already done a huge thing towards overcoming my fear by starting a meetup group, by meeting new people and going new places all of the time, even if I wasn't alone in doing them.  Thank you ladies--you are such a great help.  Now on to doing things on my own.
I had an amazing day today.  I had lots of energy, woke up got ready for a meetup at my house and met new people. The meetup went wonderfully.  I was social and bubbly--the depression that seemed to be looming over me since Saturday had lifted and I felt great.  I had energy and best of all..my back didn't hurt.  Oh my sweet Lord, my back didn't hurt (was it the acupuncture? I don't know).  It hasn't hurt in a couple of days, but I wasn't doing anything strenuous since I've had this sinus gunk and didn't go to water aerobics this week.  After my meetup, the hubs came home and I decided to try out my not sore back on a walk around the block.  After we got back, pain free I decided my garden needed some work. After all this stuff, I finally sat down to check out today's emails. I had an invite to this Zumba group on meetup.  It looked like fun, and there was one tonight, so instead of putting it off and never going, I went.  I went to a new place, to meet new people, to do a new activity all on my own and it WAS AWESOME.  I had a great time, got a great sweaty work out in and then came home to a very happy hubby.  I still have energy, I'm making pizza for tonight/tomorrow and I really had a wonderful day.
If I can get in a routine of doing water aerobics twice a week, yoga AND two back to back Zumba classes (each 30 minutes) I think I will feel so much better about my fitness level.  As much as I love water aerobics, it isn't that hard, and it isn't that trying compared to the amazing circuit training I used to do 3x a week.  Tonight though, I got some of that back and my muscles feel wonderful.  My back still doesn't hurt.

What helped you overcome a fear? How did it change your life?


  1. Sounds really great! I'm glad you had such a good day.

    Jason and I started a new exercise program that is wonderfully brutal. If we have the perseverance to stick with it I just know it'll be really good for us.

  2. I hope you don't mind that I made my way to your blog. I think you are a wonderful writer. And, I loved seeing mention of Zumba in the Circuit :) I am so happy you have enjoyed trying new things and that my classes were one of them.
    You should be proud of yourself!


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