Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back Porch Gardening

I always wanted a garden.  My grandmother's were wonderful gardeners, creating these beautiful oases for both beauty and consumption.  I spent many summers with my materal grandmother picking peas and beans and carrying gallons upon gallons of water to her many gardens.  Many of my childhood memories involve planting tulips with my mom everywhere we lived. One of the memories I have of my paternal grandmother is planting snow drops bulbs around the perimeter of the house that we lived in.  I know spring is in the air and her spirit is with me whenever I see those bulbs poking their little green sprouts through the barren ground, ready to burst through with their spring like optimism.  

Flowers make me happy, but the idea of growing food is an almost primal instinct.  I've always loved the idea of picking and preparing something that I helped nurture and grow.  Last year's garden in WV was a bit of a flop, so I worked a little harder this year and invested in the help of my awesome green thumbed friend Kristen.  We headed off to Lowe's to buy organic soil, top soil and organic seeds along with some plants that were already started.  I chose things I thought my husband would eat (lettuce, peppers, tomatoes) instead of the beans and peas I grew up with. Still yummy, and still the most amazing shades of green.  Since I have a porch, my ability to plant was limited by my desire to spend money on pots that weren't donated by Kristen.  I bought a couple of extra pots and we filled them all.  A couple of months later, here are some pictures of the delicious beauty that has grown on my back porch.  
My lettuce
My spinach didn't come up (too hot) so I just planted more lettuce!


My basil has the most beautiful leaves!
the little stuff on the side is cilantro!
Tomato (had first one last night!)

Second tomato plant--this type seems to grow like a tear drop which I was attempting to capture!
All the rain that we have gotten has really helped my garden, and I can't wait to see how it grows and developed through the summer.  The lettuce grew really REALLY  quickly, especially when kept in the shade with loads of water.  Last night we had our first pesto from the garden and my husband is eating it with penne and broccoli today. It was all delicious!

Do you garden?  What are you growing? 


  1. I've wanted to do a garden for several years now. I haven't for a variety of reasons. I like how you used the pots, though. I think that would make it more manageable for me. Our yard would have to be tilled ( or something), otherwise. Do you think it's too late for this year?
    Anyway, good work on your garden! Enjoy all of your lovely, fresh produce.

  2. nah...spinach will burn b/c it's hot, but tomatoes, and lettuce will grow. You can ask at the store what else will. I won't pretend to be an expert

  3. We did our first garden this year too! B constructed a cute little raised garden box to plant everything in: corn, beans, peas, peppers (sweet and hot), tomatoes (3 different kinds), cucumbers, and several different kinds of herbs. I can't wait to start harvesting!

  4. yum! I'd love to see pictures. that sounds wonderful.

  5. This looks like out porch; it is full of flowers, vegetables, etc., and they are delicious. Potted gardening is very difficult, bu i enjoy it. I hope it is working out well. Did you start from seeds?

  6. Thanks luv--I started the lettuce and herbs and carrots from seed, but bought the tomatos and pepper plant already started. Ironically, even though they were started, they are still taking months to actually have the fruit ripen. It's there...just tempting us!


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