Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Medical Mayhem update

I've been waiting to write this, as I've been waiting for things to actual come to a conclusion.  Sadly, nothing seems to be as clear cut as I wish it could be.  

I'm not wed to the diagnoses of bipolar disorder being my issue.  While I'm not against admitting and facing my issues, the more I research the less I think it is me.  I am currently not taking any medicine and am waiting for an appointment with another psychiatrist.  What is with the good doctors not accepting insurance? I'm praying that we'll be reimbursed by our insurance to somehow offset some of the 300 plus cost of just the intake visit. This doctor comes highly recommended, which means enough to me to shell out the big bucks. So first issue not resolved! While I'm not taking any medicine, my 'moods' haven't been too bad as long as I eat every few hours and never allow myself to get super hungry.  I've been having issues getting motivated to leave the house, I haven't gone too far into a depression.  
I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), I don't have many of the classic symptoms (thank god!).  These can include hair loss, thinning, excessive facial hair, acne or patches of dark skin.  I do however have irregular periods, fatigue, weight issues and a blood test confirmed.  I was hoping, praying that I would go into the ob-gyn and they would prescribe me the metformin then and there.  No go. Instead, she told me to go to an endocrinologist. Wow, helpful to have drive all the way over here after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment to tell me I need to get an appointment with someone else.  The next appointment that I can get, is in August. I made an appointment with my primary care physician in two weeks hoping they'd start me on the meds before August.

Another treatment for the symptoms of PCOS is birth control pills. I'm sort of mad that I'm now taking birth control pills when, what I want, is to have a baby. Yes, it is counter intuitive! She really wants, however, to see how much of my depression is actually hormonal.  So, she also put me on prenatal vitamins. 

May I go on a short rant about prescription prenatals? I'm pretty sure they are giving me awful headaches.  Plus, I can't find any list of what is in these pills online. WTF--if they were sold over the counter, it would be required to list what, and how much minerals and vitamins were contained.  The only plus--the over the counter ones are a hell of a lot cheaper (with my co-pay) than they would be over the counter.  I'm going to see if the headaches continue, and if they do, switch to another pill.

I have continued with acupuncture and, at least, my back hasn't been bothering me.  Does it work?  I'm STILL not sure!  I feel pretty good, so I'm going to continue it.  I will however determine that no one will EVER be allowed to stick needles in the back of my hands.  It was really painful, to the point that I had to take a needle out after she left the room.  Most times I don't even feel the needles, but this time it hurt like hell on both sides.  The needle in the middle of my forehead didn't hurt, nor did the one on the top of my head, or my feet.  Once again--anyone have acupuncture stories? 

So days have been really bad, but so far this week has been pretty good.  I am struggling with my weight, energy levels and moods but since I started eating every couple of hours, I haven't gotten in a single fight with my husband.  Cheers!  

Tomorrow is our anniversary. While it is really the anniversary of the day we got married, two years ago, we refer to it as the "paper signing day" because we eloped.  It has been an amazing two years and I can't imagine my life (at least not happily) without my hubby.  Thank you my love.  
On 'Paper Signing Day' waiting before the ceremony

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  1. Have you looked into any of the cognitive behavioral options I sent your way???

    Sorry about the diagnosis. will it go away with the meds?? and if so, how long??


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