Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CD's killed the record star, a record altering adventure

Not too many people have turntables these days, and a lot of people (like my uncle) are more than happy to unload unwanted record.  What is a crafty girl to do?  First I made bowls, and gave them away for Christmas.  Next a clock which hangs in my house. It was fun to make, but putting together the clock mechanism was really annoying.  Today, my dad and I had fun with his lathe making....coasters!

you start with a pile of records, and apparently a spring form pan that I found sitting around to put the finished product in

My dad used two pieces of wood with a screw to hold them together and put the record between them.  This way when  he turns the lathe on, the record doesn't wobble...

Taking the record off of the screw holding it on

Hi Dad! He's holding what is left of the record.


a pile of coasters
After some experimenting my dad almost had it so that I didn't have to sand the edges.  Now I need to coat them with polyurethane or something similar to make them waterproof. I think that they turned out really well. I was thinking of doing something with the 'shell' of the record, but the edges aren't terribly even since the record actually melts a bit if it spins too fast.
We had fun! Hopefully our adventures will continue tomorrow.


  1. Oooh, this is really, really cool. It's fun that you're doing it with your dad. I can totally see him getting into this--maybe TOO much. Let me guess, it took him a very long time to develop a "system" to make it work, rather than just experimenting? Ha!

  2. omg don't you know it?! It took him like an hour or two to make the blocks to hold the records, but after that we cranked them out pretty quickly, although he did experiment with how to make the chisel work more effectively. In the turned out pretty awesome

  3. That is such a cool idea! Your dad is one crafty dude!


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