Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yogurt Making Tutorial

My starter! You need 3-5T, not much at all! I just saved
a bit from my first batch!
I have successfully made two large batches of delicious yogurt and think I have it down.

I measure the milk so I know exactly how much yogurt I'm getting some whole organic milk, and either ask a friend for some starter yogurt, or use some store bought.  Apparently you aren't supposed to use Greek yogurt because it is already strained.  I would suggest you get organic yogurt while you're at it.  If you get non organic milk, it probably won't taste the same. I should NOT  be the extra pasteurized kind of milk that make's it self stable.

Okay people now that you have your yogurt starter, and your whole milk we take some milk (I do 8-9 cups at a time) and put it in a saucepan and bring it to just a boil.  Don't scald the poor milk--this is to kill the bacteria, not to fry it.  After bringing it to a boil, you let it cool off to 110 degrees (bottle hot)  and pour in your starter.  As it is cooling off, I pour it into a dutch oven (since I don't have a ceramic container) and then keep stirring occationally to keep a film from forming.

At the beginning of all this, turn the oven onto about 150-175 and then when it preheats, just turn it off.  You are just making a happy environment for those yummy yogurt bacteria.

 After the starter is stirred in, leave it the hell alone for 8-10 hours. I just put it in the oven in the dutch oven with a lid on and leave it be!

Finished Product!
Okay...just ask if you have questions!


  1. does it taste like regular yogurt? Can you add different flavors to it?

  2. It tastes exactly like your starter. Start with plain full fat organic yogurt to get your feet wet in the yogurt making process.
    Flavors are easy! I mix in a little maple syrup. You can add jam if you want it to taste like the store bought stuff.
    My starter is a little more the texture of elmer's glue verses ricotta cheese. whatever your starter's texture, that's the texture you should get. I don't know about using lower fat milk--you usually have to strain it.

  3. Will you ever go back to buying yogurt again? I'm so happy you've taken on this venture. I know I can't bear to shell out the bucks for yogurt at the store anymore!


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