Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is in YOUR refrigerater?

Yesterday morning I drove from my parent's in Ohio to WV where I got to hang out with my friends for a bit before picking up some eggs from my friend's farm. I hope hoping for 6 dozen, but since it isn't terribly warm yet, I only got four.  Coming back up I got a text from the friend I was going to stay with saying that their daughter wasn't feeling well. It was enough to push me into driving all of the way home (another 3 hrs) to surprise my husband by coming home a day early.  It worked, and I was so happy to sleep in my own bed again!
Today my hubby and I headed to Trader Joe's to pick up lots of food since, of course, he didn't shop at all while I was gone (except to pick me up some flowers while at Costco!!).  I am so sick of eating out. Wow...did I say that? Anyways, I was dying for fruits and vegetables and my kitchen!
I'm going to post our shopping list, and then some pictures of our fridge.

Fruits (I wanted to make fruit salad to always have around!)
-small container of organic blueberries

-sweet onion
-baby spinach
-brussel sprouts (I had them for the first time last week and may be in love. I'm planning on roasting them)
-asparagus (something else I didn't think I liked, but with olive oil, salt and pepper it's yummy!)
- carrots
-sweet peppers

turkey lunch meat (good in scrambled eggs, salad, and sandwiches
ground beef (85/20)

loaf of round bread (for Havarti sandwiches)

skim milk (I don't mind drinking only almond milk but it doesn't taste the same in tea, and has NO protein)
buttermilk (didn't end up getting, but I can pick some up, or curdle milk from the pecan chicken recipe)
Greek yogurt (1.5 cups in tandoori chicken recipe)
laughing cow  cheese (for greenlitebites recipe, but TJ's didn't have it...I'll have to pick it up)

seltzer water (TJ good)
Green machine juice for Aaron
lemonade (to mix with seltzer, not drink straight...or it will be gone in 24 hours)
orange juice

We were each allowed 2 'treats' that weren't on our shopping list.
Hubby: raw mixed nuts, and coconut water (wow his are healthy...)
Me: Orange Chicken and baked onion ring snacks (totally not healthy...but totally good)

-pecan crusted chicken (recipe in cooking light)
-tandoori spiced chicken (sides yet to be determined, another cooking light recipe)
-our chicken/havarti sandwhich
-cheesy beef tacos ( recipe)
note: if you notice a chicken theme, it is b/c cooking light had a recipe on 20 chicken breast recipes, and...I've got chicken in the freezer.

fruit salad --I always want to have some on hand to snack on so we make healthier choices

I took some pictures of my fridge--do you dare to do the same?  I took a tip from Roni and reorganized it.  No longer does my produce hide in the bottom to rot, unseen. Rather, it sits at the top and middle of my fridge, the grapes and blueberries nestled next to a bag of brussel sprouts.  I'm excited to start cooking! The first thing I made was a fruit salad.  Oh so good...
Eggs, meat, and lots of produce
See above for every fruit that is in that bowl!

My seltzer is in the drawer rather than putting my produce in there...


  1. Wanna do my fridge? Seriously, if I had a TJ's close to the house we would be eating so much better. Closest one to the house is 45 minutes away :(
    I'll have to wait until the local farm stands open.

  2. I'm hungry! Geez, your fridge rocks. I think I've got a partial gallon of 2% milk, some salad dressings, and some carrots that definitely need to be thrown away.

  3. When I came home, I don't think there was even that! I love having a full fridge and pantry and a menu made. It makes me function SO much better.
    Kim-I don't go to trader Joe's even though it is really close. The grocery store is closer, so I go there more until I realized that their produce is gross.


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