Saturday, April 23, 2011


My husband loves video games.  So much in fact that he started his own video game studio with his friends.  That said, the man owns a LOT of video games.  I asked him to delay playing Portal 2 until this weekend so I could watch/play with him.  Frankly...I suck at the coordination involved in playing most video games, but I like the logic and problem solving involved so I, most times prefer watching him play.

After seeing how excited my hubby was to have me play this game with him (it is an awesome game) I sort of devoted my weekend to it...or so it seems.  We've been at this for like 10 hours, and let me tell you this game is a hell of a lot longer than it's predecessor. It's okay, you can't really go wrong with a game about a psychotic passive aggressive robot and a portal gun.

I make cupcakes...I think it was a mistake. They are beautiful and I've got pictures up on facebook.  The problem I've got cupcakes and I do NOT need them.  Anyone within 20 miles of me want some Easter cupcakes?  I may be willing to drive, otherwise I'm going to hide them until Monday and send them to work with the hubby. I can't guarantee he won't eat them all though.  I really need to stop compulsively baking!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter!  Don't eat too much candy....I did it already for you and the bellyache really isn't worth it.  No seriously...I really need to stop eating.  The jelly beans are already gone.  Thank God I only bought one bag, but still....we ate an entire bag of jelly beans in less than 24 hours. *moans*

Thanks for all the great comments on my last post.  The hubs and I have made some of our own traditions. I like that we do random awesome stuff just any day verses having to be tied to a particular day. That doesn't mean we don't do special stuff on Valentine's day or birthdays (mostly because I am very demanding about my need for presents) but we do attempt to do something that doesn't feed into money making that society attempts to force us in to.  I really can't wait to see how our traditions develop as a family when we have children.


  1. Have you tried recipes where it has hidden veggies in them? That way if you DO eat some... you'll be getting veggies servings too. :)

  2. I haven't yet....but I plan on it

  3. one thing I like doing however is adding a lot more veggies to recipes than they call for. I up the veg count, and down the calories with all the yum still there:)

  4. Played through the co-op with a friend today -- such a great game!


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