Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My life is getting busy!

I haven’t written a blog entry in awhile that didn’t involved a lot of pictures so I thought I’d do an update.  

My meetup group is doing really well.  I have a group of 5-6 women that come to almost all of the events, so we have an excellent group going on.  On Monday we started with water aerobics, which was a lot of fun.  We were the only people under 60 in the group of about 25 people.  I loved it! we started out water walking, and chatting until the teacher told us to split up. We were apparently talking too much, and not walking enough. Mona and I loved it so much that we are going to take it AND deep water aerobics next week.  My schedule has the potential to get really busy, but I am really enjoying it.  

Our new semester of yoga just started today, but unfortunately our regular teacher (whom we adore) wasn’t present. She was taking a workshop and had to miss this week.  We had the same sub as we did last semester and none of us really like her.  She is VERY technical and expects us to hold poses forever while she is incredibly picky about how we do them.  Ourn regular teacher is relaxing and melodic and puts us at ease.  Instead, I was super stressed. It just isn’t a great combination.  we can’t wait for next week, and our favorite teacher to return.  

Today I seem to have the klutz sydrome, dropping things left and right.  First I realized the chicken packets were leaking (so gross) and when  I went to clean it up, I knocked out my yogurt, breaking one of them.  Granted, I got to eat the yogurt but then I dropped the spoon on the couch and had to clean that up.  Big sigh...

I am sick of eating out. In fact, I am really happy that I set a menu, even in a rough form, to shop and eat for this week. I cook for myself, but have enough also for Aaron if he wants some. If he doesn’t, one of us has left overs the next day.  
Meals this week have been
Havarti chicken sandwiches (as always, delicious) with roasted brussel sprouts.  I didn’t know that roasted is code for really burned.  They were good, but a little too mooshy. Ironic since I cooked them less than they suggested. I will definitely try again in the future, but I’m out of sprouts this time.  My friend Michelle told me about a recipe her husband uses which basically caramelizes them.  
sliced chicken breast sandwich (I just used the round bread, toasted it with a little Havarti and then put some chicken breast and spinach on it.
Panko crusted chicken w/ spaghetti and spinach salad
I realized that my other recipes for pecan chicken and tandoori chicken requires marinating time, so I took some of my chicken out and tried out panko breadcrumbs for the first time. I pounded the chicken thin (warning, it will shrink back up during cooking), dusted with flour, dredged it in egg and then put it in the panko breadcrumbs. I put this in a pan with a little olive oil, put a top on it and cooked it for a few minutes, flipped and cooked a few more minutes.  After I turned the heat off I put a little grated cheese on top, and put the top back on for a little bit so that it melted.  While the chicken was cooking I made a little spaghetti.  I drained that while the cheese was melting and poured a little sauce on top.  
Tonight: Tandoori spiced chicken with naan.  I got the naan frozen at Trader Joes. It doesn’t take long to make, and is really good.  On the side I’ll probably make some asparagus, or spinach salad.  

Everyone knows that I’m hooked on hulu. I have a new show which is called Body of Proof.  It is a very interesting forensic show that, best of all isn’t as gory as the show Bones. I generally likes bones, but Dr. Brennans character this season seems even more badly written.  No person is that socially inept but incredibly intelligent and is, apparently incapable of learning.  It’s like she is purposely dense.  The only problem with Body of Proof is that it is almost predictable that it is a family member who kills the person.  Come on writers, shake it up, your characters are great but endings of your shows are a little too predictable.  I love how it isn’t just about dead bodies, but about learning ‘the stories of a life, and it’s our job to tell them.’


  1. Glad to hear your meetup is going so well. And the water aerobics sounds great!

  2. enjoyed reading! where do you do yoga at?

  3. Zohra--I go in columbia, Md.


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