Tuesday, May 31, 2011

longer update...

While it is nice to have the option of updating from my phone...it takes forever to type out blogs! I think I might stick with typing them. It's much faster.
Today is one of the last days of my mom's visit.  It has been wonderful, and bittersweet in an way having her. I was awful the first week, and then went to WV around the same time that I started feeling well, so I haven't gotten to spend much time with her.  She got me back into sewing and, as always, has been an invaluable help.  She is so smart, and knows so much about sewing that I'm sure my whole project would have gone down the drain without her.
So what are we making?  I'm making purses out of jeans!  I will post pictures, and hopefully have them ready to sell soon.  I am still learning and have to put straps in them.  Now I have some deconstructed, I hope to be able to line them, but my origional one won't be lined.  My friend is college had a tote bag made out of a pair of jeans and I've wanted to make something similar ever since.  These ones will be more small purses than totes, but maybe I'll get better and graduate to a whole tote.  The problem is attempting to keep the structure of the bag. Jeans are made to slouch and basically crumple, not stay upright.
I bought my mom a laptop....I've wanted to for awhile. I have felt guilty giving her my cast offs that seem to break, and wanted to do something nice for her. I'm just chalking this one up to her Mother's Day, birthday and Christmas present for the year, and maybe the next two.  My memorial day trip to Best buy was an expensive one. Let's just leave it at that. It was fun though! I went in there knowing exactly what I wanted, and manage to get just that.  The computer tech was trying to talk us out of getting the computer with only 2G of ram b/c it would be 'slow.'  I explained that my parents only got wireless recently, and until then had used dialup for the last 15 years. I think their definition of 'slow' is different, plus my husband is going to change the operating system from windows 7 to XP so it doesn't take up half the RAM.
I had a wonderful wonderful time in wild West Virginia.  Every time I go out there I realize how much I miss my friends and my old life there.  On Saturday I held 3 babies, since all of my friends decided to have kids around the same time (Feb, March and May). Yes, holding all those kids makes my uterus twinge, but I've decided to, at least for the moment concentrate on getting back to school and enjoying going back to learning. I really really can't wait. I miss the classroom.  I miss...learning and being challenged. So, it's only community college, but I did hear the word 'college' in there ;).
I want to do anything religion blog entry about the Baha'i faith, but I am still learning, processing and communing with my experiences.  I love the Baha'i faith, and if I got 'right' with God...meaning believed there was a God, I would love to be called a Baha'i.   More about that later...including perhaps a definition of the Baha'i faith.
I just got up and made my husband a smoothie and see his lovely ironed shirt. I feel like I've done my wifely duties...for which my husband just came and kissed my foot. I <3 him....

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  1. Okay, can you ask your hubby a question for me? If I don't ask now, I will forget completely. I mentioned my laptop is old and has trouble running some things. Seeing that he has changed the operating system to save RAM on her laptop. I wonder if that may hp my problems. I can not save much in hard drive as it is nearly full. I am running Vista Home Edition. I wonder if a different operating system may help me too? I now really only e-mail, facebook and use word. I have trouble w/adobe and you tube now. Before i try to steal my son's laptop, I figured it could not hurt to ask.

    It is great you are going to take some college classes. Classes will keep you busy and focused on something new and may help you get a little bit more focused on your inner-self. I audited a few courses at AACC when my son was taking classes there and it was great fun to get back to a classroom. AACC has a very nice main campus and is wonderful for support services of all kinds: library, etc. It is also a nice sized campus, not too big and not too small. Parking is tough at times. You may have to walk a distance to classes.

    I have been interested in learning more about the Baha'i Faith. I had never heard about it until about 7 years ago. I picked up a brochure at a County Fair. A few years later, I dated someone of the faith for a short period and learned a little bit more. It is a faith that is not heard much about, but I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

    BTW--my therapist who has been great at helping me refocus anger and learn new coping skills is only about 10 minutes from AACC if you are still interviewing new therapists. He is very goal focused, both short and long term and gives you the skills to reach your goals.



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