Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Izzy is here, and off I go!

Baby Izzy was born this morning a wee 5 pounds and 19 inches long! I missed her birth, but I get her entire life to spoil and love on her. I can't wait!! I am leaving tomorrow after yoga and um...a trip for Indian food (Thanks Kiki for suggesting;)) and then I'm off for WV.  Have I packed? Of course not.  Well, I have all my mom's crap in the car.  She stayed with us LAST SUMMER and left a bunch of her stuff at my house. I moved it three hours the opposite direction from her house, and now I get to finally get rid of it.
I have made plans with my dad to make some vinyl record coasters, and we'll try to make some other crafts too.  While a big chunk of me feel so incredibly guilty for melting vinyl records (even if they are my uncles ska records with ridiculous names and pictures) I have had lots of fun making bowls.

I have decided to decorate Izzy's nursery.  My friend's are generally super busy people and interior decoration for a second child--not a priority. I however have time and energy on my hands and as a present and a surprise I am re-doing their guest room.  I am NOT painting or doing anything drastic, but I bought bedding, painted wooden letters to her name, strung some paper cranes into mobiles (I love them!! Thanks Mona) and I also got some decals for the walls.  I'm really excited to get there and clean and decorate. Hopefully the color of the room doesn't clash terribly with everything I've picked out and in the end it will look like an appropriately adorable nursery.  btw, this is a suprise but since my friend is currently in the hospital I really doubt she's perusing my blog to see what her presents are going to be lol.

I wore a new bra today. I'm getting used to it. It's...different. I don't want to say it is bad or good. It is, at times not terribly comfortable. I don't think I've got the settings correct.  Im going to wear my new sports bra to yoga tomorrow and see how that goes.

I will post pictures of the baby (with parental permission) and her nursery when I'm done decorating.  Fun stuff!


  1. ooh.. AWESOME gift!! :) I always get new parents thank you cards, because you get a ton o fgifts when you bring a baby home. And you pretty much have no thank you cards on hand usually. So.. it saves them a trip. So I like to do the cards and book of stamps so they pretty much don't have to leave to get the cards out in the mail. :)

  2. Have a great trip Eileen! Live life day to day and do what makes you happy....don't worry about what you're going to do next. you'll know when you get there :)

  3. Sara, I love that idea. This is their second kid though, and I'm not sure they are getting too many presents lol. She didn't have a baby shower, and being a thrifty momma bought the next 5 years of her daughter's clothing from garage sales last summer after she was done puking through her first trimester. She's pretty much set, unless someone wants to buy food and diapers for a couple of years lol...


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