Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Oregonian Pictorial

We arrived safely Friday night after two long flights. It would have been much more comfortable if the planes were tiny...but whatever--we are here!  I thought I would put some pictures up of yesterday's adventures. We went to McKay Cottage for breakfast (AMAZING!) and then visited an indoor market where we bought a ton of beads, an alpaca blanket, an adorable hat for me, and played with the most friendly reptiles on the planet. I really wanted to bring the one named 'Red' home.  Enjoy!

Like father like son

Fire pits make good pictures

Kimmie and Fresia

Breakfast! I could only eat one pancake since I ordered some eggs too, but everyone else enjoyed eating the rest!

This is my favorite picture! This women and her family had an awesome booth of reptiles. She was wearing this lovely snake, that loved to wrap around her and decided to play peek a boo with her hair.  She was a beautiful model!

Red the Iguana decided to take a nap under my father-in-law's beard.  No seriously, his eyes were closed

Red and the little snake

Aaron and the little snake


I borrowed Kimmie's GingerAle for the picture...Aaron decided not to cooperate (what's new)
We had an amazing time, and I realized now that I should have included myself in more picture, but I was busy having fun!!!


  1. Looks like you had a great trip!! :)

  2. still here! That was only our first full day. I don't have pictures today though b/c my husband was using his camera.


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