Monday, March 28, 2011

I found my camera!

Another picturific post brought to you by my sleep deprived self. My friend Paul (Izzy's his daughter) had to have an MRI today and they had to wake him up THREE times because he was snoring and moving in his sleep.  This is what happens when you haven't slept in a week.  Tomorrow she will be one week old! She's eating but then likes to wake up and scream for awhile before falling asleep again.

She's starting to open her eyes longer and stay awake, but she doesn't seem to know what  to do while she's awake so she cries, and then takes her paci and falls asleep.  Oh the cycle that never ends...

She likes to kick off any swaddle and sleep with her feet up in the air.
And what beautiful long feet that kid's got!  Her little toes just make me  swoon...and kiss.

Dori, their cat looked pitiful, so I let her take up half of the bed.  

more cranes!

Mariette and I colored this. We like coloring. I'm thinking it will end up on the wall where the butterflies were long enough for me to take a picture and then mostly fell off.  I'm still annoyed about that. 

What do you do when you friend has a baby, and you are craving cake? Buy a delicious cake and claim it is for her birthday! This thing was half white half chocolate with almond buttercream frosting. Best cake I've ever had.  My friend's agree.  The lady at the bakery was cracking up when I told her that I didn't care if it was chocolate for vanilla because I really just wanted the frosting. I lied...their chocolate cake is amazing.  
If you are in Morgantown, check Nonna's out--
I was craving cake, so I bought one...

I finally got a decent picture of the bedding and wall behind it
I really miss my hubby and kitties.  He wants to give me his iphone since mine is on it's way out.  It doesn't like to  The fact that these devices cost us hundreds of dollars and become obsolete so quickly is insane! What else do we pay this much for and then accept it dying so quickly?

I need some meetup ideas.  The ladies are getting together without me while I'm away but I want to branch out and do more than just crafting meetups when I get back. I hope I can get some people to go to the cherry blossom festival with me. I should look up other events that are going on.

I am eating horribly--so I'm looking forward to going home to my sugar free (mostly) house and eating some salad.  Cake, chinese, pop, subway...not really stuff that is normally in my diet and I'm feeling gross as a result.  I should be calling my old trainer and getting as many work outs in as possible but instead I'm popping ibuprofen to kill my headaches and backaches.

I'm thinking of getting my hair cut. In fact, I know I need to. I actually ended up really liking the haircut I've got, especially when I did this with it:
Now it's too long.  Hopefully the hairdresser I went to can repeat the haircut.

Okay...I'm tired. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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  1. I didn't know cats had a USB charging port in their...well...


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