Sunday, March 20, 2011

I can read patterns, successes, failures and pretties

I have been crocheting on and off for more than a decade but it wasn't until now that I made something more than a scarf reading a pattern.  2 patterns and 4 hats later, I had a success!! 
me rocking the headphones and a side view

(Second pattern, second attempt--win!)
I really wanted a slouchy beret, and it took forever it seems to get one! Here is where the pattern came from--Thanks Julie!

I attempted to follow a similar pattern and got this hat...
NOT a slouchy beret:( (first pattern, second attempt)
I also had the misfortune of ending up with this atrocious mess of a hat the first time I attempted to follow the first pattern. It was big enough to fit my cat in. Thankfully I managed to pull it apart and reused the yarn.  
My friend took this picture during our skype conversation to show how awful my first hat was, and how tiny my second hat (on top) was in comparison.  Hilarious....On that note, I LOVE skype! I had an hour long conversation with my friend in WV, and when we were on vacation we chatted in real time with our friends in Germany.  

My husband was quite crafty yesterday too and did lots of little things around the house including putting up a lovely metal branch I picked up at my favorite store, velcro for our remotes (awesome idea) and hooks so I could hang up my awesome stained glass.  
Stained glass my friend's mom made
remote + wall + velcro = win!

This now lives on my wall. 

My awesome friend Mariette came to visit and we did some shopping, coloring and made some jewelery holders out of picture frames.  I'll post pictures after I hang them.  

This week I head out to WV for the birth of my friend's daughter. I'm really excited to spend time with my friends, and see a beautiful baby girl.  I'll post some pictures of her and my surprise present for her mother next week.  I'll be gone for awhile, but thanks to the awesome internet, I hope to keep you updated!  

Thank you to everyone that read my last post about my grandmother.  It was awesome to see the comments that my family posted on facebook, and here.  We don't have to keep our memories in our heads. We can share them and help others remember as well.  

I love spring, and love how early it comes in Maryland.  Even though Newton has tried to eat them, I still got flowers...They are so pretty and bright!

Oh SNOWED in Oregon when we were visiting a nearby town. It was this insane and intense downpour of huge snow flakes, followed by just chilly weather.


  1. Oooh, the new red hat looks great!

  2. I can only knit using one of those loom thingies? And I can only do scarves. Mostly because I suck at a lot of stuff and can't follow directions or do math.

  3. i've always envied knitters. always wanted to learn how to knit lol.
    spring is by far my best season and ur flowers look so pretty.
    pls check out my blog. thanks a lot!


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