Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am home! Our house didn't burn down while we were gone and aside from finding out that the litter hadn't been changed, water added to their bowl and dishes put away, the house was in pretty good condition.  I'm glad that I put food/water upstairs so that I knew that they would always have water.  Jetlag is going to kick my butt for a couple of days with day light savings ending(?) tomorrow night.  4 hours off...yeah, this will be fun! I'm generally really good at figuring out what time it is--even on the west coast I was still on east coast time.

I am in shock at the tragedy in Japan. I'm not sure where to start.   My prayers, thoughts, condolences go out to everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunami's over the last few days.  Have you been to Japan? What is your favorite part of Japanese culture/food etc.

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