Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My house is haunted!

More precisely, my fan is possessed.  Okay, I'm going to give you the back story and then see if any of you, readers can figure out exactly what is happening.   I will post the answer in my next blog entry, so keep tuned.

A couple of months ago we moved into this beautiful 3 story town home.  Our room is large with high ceilings and a light/fan combo with a remote control.  Sometimes when we come home the fan is running, even though we didn't turn it on.  At night the fan will randomly turn on.  Once, at 3 am the light came on while we were sleeping.  

What do you think is causing our ghostly visits?

In other news, our trash is collected on Tuesday and Fridays.  It is Wednesday.  My neighbors put out 3 bags of poorly tied trash on a windy Wednesday.  Anyone want to gander a guess as to what happens next? Yeah, utter chaos across the parking lot.  One trash ripped open and all the contents slowly (or at times rather rapidly) across our parking spaces, under or on cars, in people's bushes.  It is disgusting.  To make it even worse...I think these neighbors put their trash out on the wrong day because they left on vacation or something. I'm annoyed.

Remember the girl that I met at my meetup on Monday? Well today she went to yoga class with me.  She was able to use one of my makeup classes that I had, since I had been sick.  It was fabulous! I had a great time and it is nice to have someone that is closer to my age there anyways. It doesn't feel as good to be the most flexible person in class when you are also the youngest *sigh.*  It certainly takes away from the gloating rights.

Two days until we leave for vacation, and I still haven't packed.  I pulled out our suitcase today and have been making some lists, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing the chicken with its head cut off routine on Friday morning.  That reminds me...I need to go move laundry along.

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