Sunday, March 27, 2011

quick update...

I've been doing stuff! I've been taking pictures, but since I can't find my damn camera (which I swear I packed) I've been taking pictures on my phone. Sub par, but they get the point across for the most part.
Izzy is a doll, but likes to sleep all day and be really pissed off during the night.  We'll see how tonight goes. I should be sleeping but since I went to my friend's house and we didn't get dinner till after 8, I'm not tired at all.

I went down to my friend's farm today, and as always ended up working.  We were turning soil for a garden, one damn clay encrusted rock at a time.  They also wanted to replant their hops to use in homemade beer.  They have around 40 chickens, 3 turkeys, and 8 adorable ducklings, some guinea fowl and roosters.  The ducklings are still at their house because they are babies.  I've got pictures...but once again they are on my phone.  Yeah, I'm lazy. I promise pictures soon!!

What else...I miss my hubby.  He is having fun organizing and moving my stuff around *grrr* while I'm gone.  Either I will come home and be really happy or really pissed off.  Since he, at times, can be an organizational freak, this may end well for all of us.

Okay..I'm sure there are lots of grammatical and spelling errors in here.  My husband gets so annoyed by them, but I can't spell check my own stuff.  I try...I read through every post but I miss things every time. I know it. It was my biggest downfall at my first (and last) 'real' job.  How do you learn to proof-read your own stuff?


  1. It's silly for a blog post, but printing it out and reading it. Also, reading it aloud.

  2. I am terrible at proof-reading my own stuff, too. This was a problem in school because I would usually write my papers at the last minute, lol. I have read that one trick is to read the work (paper, blog, whatever) backwards. Breaking up your "flow" allows you to see things you may not notice otherwise.

    Glad you are having a nice visit and I'm sure your friends are SO grateful to have your help!

  3. ooh.. proofreading. Well, for professional stuff I read one sentence at a time and look at it critically. It takes FOREVER but it works for me.


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