Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a stereotype...a bra fitting adventure

I went bra shopping today. It is official...I am a stereotype.  I too, like millions of others was wearing the wrong size bra.  Are you?

note: I'm not disclosing my bra size in here...just that I was way off on the cup size and the band was too big.

First, I had been measured before at a Lane Bryant and they were really off on my cup size. They old me my band was smaller than I was wearing, but since the bands didn't fit with the cup I was wearing I just went BACK to wearing a completely wrong size.

This morning I went to Bra la la with my new friend Kristen who I met through my meetup group. We didn't have to make an appointment, but since we arrived right after the store opened we were the only people there.  Our kind hostess of sorts took us to individual rooms and told us to strip to our bras.  The then took a measuring tape, and the rib cage and around the largest part of my bust. She then went and grabbed some from the back for me to try on.  The first one I tried was a molded cup 't-shirt' bra.  If I go back I'll get it. I am embarrassed to admit, but I never knew that the metal bit from the under-wire was supposed to lay flat on the chest. She came in after I tried on each bra to check the fit and discuss what I liked/didn't like about each one.  In the end I got 3 regular bras and 1 sports bra.  I am annoyed that I bought a couple of bras in Oregon because I'm almost certain I will NEVER want to wear one of my old misfitting bras AGAIN.

One of the problems that I had been having was the band riding up in the back--I wasn't wearing a tight enough band.  Another problem, the metal on the front didn't lay flat, cup wasn't big enough.  Spillage? not a big enough cup size.  Plus, the wash it all you have to do is put it in the sink and swish it around in warm water. Don't wash them in the washer...ever and NEVER dry them in a dryer.

Big girls generally don't generally get pretty lingerie.  Maybe because my mother wasn't girlie, and is a hippy but I taught HER about bras, not the other way around. I had never had matching bra/undies set before and it made me feel so pretty. Not only pretty, but having a proper fitting bra doesn't make the girls look bigger, like I thought it would.  Holding them in the right way makes them look smaller and supports your shoulders and back better.  I think my back will thank me.

I shared my epxeriences with some girls in an online group I'm in, and I was surprised with their responses.  one girl went so far to say that she doesn't want to get professionally fitted, and knows she doesn't wear the right size but doesn't want to be told she's a bigger size than she is.  First, you look like you've lost 10 pounds when you wear a bra that fits.  Second, you feel soooo much better in a bra that fits and third, guys tend to like big breasts. No seriously, they are addicted to them because they don't have them.  Don't be embarrassed, get a bra that fits and lets your girls be liberated.


  1. Ahh yes, the right bra makes all the difference in the world and your back and shoulders will definitely thank you!

  2. Why on earth would women care if their size is bigger? Am I missing something? With all the women out there getting work done to make themselves bigger in the bosom?

    I have no idea if my bra is the right size or not. If it's comfortable, I'm happy- I figure that's the real test if it's "right".

    Anyway, the best thing I've found for both my back AND bosom is my corset. My back almost never hurts when I wear it, and I can't count the compliments I've had on my bosom from both genders, which cracks me up because I'm actually not big-bosomed at ALL. Amazing what some steel can do for a girl! I'm all about a fashion revolution that involves corsets and bustles. :)

  3. Laura--hilarious! I have a back brace and it makes my bosoms look gigantic, but does help my back. Ironically I could just wear a damn corset for the same effect. I find it difficult to breathe though...

    Rancher Mom--thank for the comment! I love new readers. I just checked your blog and must say, I love baby goats. My mom's friend when I was little had a farm with lots of little animals (no seriously I think it was a miniature farm) and I loved the goats.

  4. Is that the bra place in VA I always heard commercials for?


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