Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh no Mr. Bill!!

A year ago my husband found a Mr. Bill doll at a Cracker Barrel and decided that it would be the perfect present for my mother in law.  We didn't expect how much fun this present would be.  We had it wrapped and headed to the airport with it in our carry on...where we were stopped.  The airport security guy called his supervisor over, and we told him what it was.  The man, in his 40's immediately said 'oh no, Mr. Bill needs to be irradiated!" and sent him through the x-ray machine again, and swiped him for explosives. It was fun. Probably the first time I've ever said that about air port security.
This year we started a 'find Mr. Bill' game, and he has shown up in some interesting places.
First the hubby kicked it off by putting him upside down in a bowl of water for my mother in law to find.  Next,  he showed up here...
Here's a close up

Oh yes, that is a medieval ax....
Two days ago my mother in law started telling my husband to look for Mr. Bill.  He couldn't find him ANYWHERE.  Maybe it was because we wrapped him up to give him to hubby for his birthday...mwahahahah


I love Oregon! I didn't bring my camera on our walk the other night, but it was a beautiful crisp night.  The neighbors cat, who looks just like my in-laws cat followed us for a couple of blocks asking to be pet.  Today is my husband's birthday, and we are planning some fun adventures.

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