Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 10 reasons I own cats and random updates

10 random reasons I love my cats
  • I always have something to clean up so my vacuum never gets lazy!
  • My kitties keep my doctors in business because I’m actually slightly allergic to them and think they cause my sinus infections. For the record, it’s the dust/dander, not the cat.
  • There is NOTHING sweeter than having my kitty sitting/purring on my chest.
  • I get practice with conflict resolution when they smack each other around. Sadly, I generally just yell at them--I think I need more practice.  
  • I save money on electric blankets by getting them to sit on my feet or lap.
  • I always have someone to snuggle. Best of all, even if Newton doesn’t want to be, he tolerates snuggles!
  • Even though I have to clean up their poo, unlike dogs, I don’t have to watch them poo and pretend like I don’t know what is going on.
  • I don’t have to take them out for walks.  In fact, Newton, while curious, won’t go outside. Yeah, I’m lazy.
  • It is beyond awesome to have a welcoming committee when I walk in the door!  Newton and I have races to the front door every day when my husband comes home too.
  • I get lots of exercise chasing the kitties around in attempts to catch them to administer snuggles.
random cuteness:
Newton making use of my laptop bag

My meetup today went wonderfully! Only one person showed up, but we really hit it off, meaning it was a success. I can’t wait to schedule more!  We had kabob and talked for a couple of hours--my idea of a good time.  She lives near an ikea, so I see a trips in our future.  

Oh my goodness--we leave for vacation on FRIDAY!  I’m really excited!  Some people might think that taking a vacation to visit your in-laws doesn’t sound like fun, but they (obviously) don’t have the coolest in-laws in the world like moi!  I’m really fortunate to have gotten such a great new family with a great new husband.  Okay, enough gushing.  

In other news, I found my gym!  I settled on Planet Fitness since they have the cardio machines I like, are close, and the atmosphere seems really nice.  They pride themselves in the no judgement environment and not catering to the typical gym rat/bodybuilder type that generally make big girls feel seriously uncomfortable.  I own an elliptical, but I can’t wait to use an arc trainer again.  One of their membership s that they offer includes a guest membership (you can bring a guest with you each time).  How cool is that?  


  1. Good reasons! I love my cats too. SO much better than dogs. :)

  2. So many positive things happening for you. That's great!

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