Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Chicken Sandwich--adopted from Coastal Flats

I love to cook, and eat out.  Eating out however isn’t always (or usually ever!) the healthiest choices because of all of the additives that you don’t know about. My solution? Make it at home! So I’ve started replicated restaurant recipes at home.  This chicken sandwich has become a family favorite.
A moist chicken sandwich with havarti cheese and sliced bell peppers on thick slices of fresh grilled sourdough bread.  The original sandwich had mayo, but we didn’t add it this time.  

How do I make this sandwich?

2 chicken breasts either sliced or pounded thin. Basically, you need enough chicken breast, cooked, to fit on your bread.  I panfry it with a little olive oil.  
1 sliced bell pepper
Havarti cheese once again, enough to cover 2 slices of bread
4 thick slices of fresh bread You can use some fresh Italian Bread or we found that rounds of sourdough are amazing with the havarti

How to assemble

Cook chicken, thick slice your bread and grill it with some butter in a pan--only on the outsides.  Put the cheese on the bread almost immediately so that he can melt. Since we only toast the outside, the sandwich comes together and stays in the bread.  
After the bread and chicken are grilled, put the chicken on the bread, top with peppers and toss on that piece with the nice melty cheese.
Note: We don’t always let the cheese melt all of the way, but if you just left the sandwich for a couple of seconds before snarfing it down, and snarf you will, it will melt together.  
You can add fresh spinach, mayo anything you want.

Finished Product! I took a bite before I remembered to take a picture.

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