Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow, I had a productive and creative day!! Otherwise known as...I make pretties!

This is what happens when I wake up at 5am! I get productive. As previously promised, here are pictures of the crafts that I worked on today.   Like I mentioned before, we pulled out my husband's sewing machine and I love my beading stuff.

I decided to make an afghan for the yet to be born sister of the little girl I watched, and I couldn't NOT make her something too so I made her dolly a blanket! I had this allllmost done for awhile and finished it today. I accidentally pulled my yarn and it 'jumped' into my tea this morning. I rinsed it out and continued. I shall not be deterred!!
Next...My friend turned me onto TipNuts, which is sending me somewhat regular emails with awesome recipes and free patterns. It has really helped get my creative juices flowing.  I first made this delicious apple cake recipe from the first email I got.  Here is the link for the cake recipe. The second e-mail had a section on making stuffies, so I made....
Mr. Frog.  He looks a little cockeyed in this picture so I'll try to get a better one later. I filled him with lentils, but didn't fill him enough. I also apparently can't use a sewing machine to do anything but straight lines, so Mr. Frog isn't as umm...full as he would be. He is a skinny frog...a skinny red frog made out of my husband's old t-shirt. Here is the link to Mr. Frog's pattern!  You can get a better idea of what he is umm...supposed to look like from there.

I used the sleeves from the t-shirt below to try to make a turtle outline. I ended up handstitching it since my machine was trying to make turtle soup out of the poor fellow. Picture?

Next, somehow I came across a video of Martha Stewart's crafter turning a t-shirt into a reusable grocery bag! Ingenious! I picked up a 2 dollar t-shirt from Michaels today and turned it into this
Of course the first thing I did was put my kitty in it. He lovvvves bags. Most cats would flip out, maybe want out. Newton? Nahhh...he curled up into it and wouldn't get out.  I had to take him out of it before he decided it was his new bed!  Proof that this bag can take some weight as well!  Here are some direction on making your own bag? The only change I made was that since I couldn't find markers, I used chalk to mark out the neck.  I also double stitched the bottom to make sure it was strong.

Last but not least (yeah, I did a lot today) I picked up the hoops that I needed to make some simple chainlink earrings. The origional design had some beading, but I took that out as it was driving me crazy trying to hold all the loops.  The next time I make them, and have the correct bead size, I can't wait to make some nifty additions.  These are beautiful and sleek earrings.  They were also pretty cheap to make.  Maybe I should set up an Etsy shop with all this stuff that I'm making...

Chain link earrings get along well with my snuggie!  Here is a picture with Mr. Frog

Interested in anything you've seen, and perhaps interested in funding my adventures? E-mail me!


  1. Very nice! You should definetly think about setting up an Esty shop!

  2. You have been BUSY! I think the frog is perfect. It's better if they aren't too full. They're more cuddly that way IMO. I love the t-shirt bags and the earrings.

  3. The earrings turned out very well, and Mr. Frog is adorable. I love it when you get crafty ;)

  4. Yay! I LOVE crafts, but haven't done any in a while because the house is too messy now that Sophia's back home. We're still integrating her stuff!


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