Saturday, January 8, 2011

New computer!

My husband woke me up this morning by asking if I wanted to go by a new laptop. Normally I would have popped out of bed with an enthusiastic 'yeeeeeeeeey! Lets goo!' but I was tired, so I gave him a thumbs up.  We dragged around for a bit and headed up to Best Buy around 11am. We have discovered that no one goes the mall near our house until after about 2pm, so we were saved from having to park a mile away.
We headed in and I showed in the two computers that I had tried and approved when I had gone into the store before, and finally decided on the Sony Vaio E sereies.  I have to admit, I got a purple computer.  Yes, I bought a purple computer. Anyone that knows me, knows I love the color purple. I checked out the sony last night online and you had to pay extra for the colors, so I wasn't going to get anything special, but when we went in the store it was included (either purple or silver/white).
Here is a picture I stole off of the interwebs:
Lets go through my list!

  • integrated webcam/mic so that I can skype (check!)

  • easy to use keyboard (I have to test them to see if they are comfortable) (check!)

  • capable of playing a MMO (I'd like to get into Everquest again...) (Check!)

  • long lasting battery (over 3 hrs preferably) (still finding this out, but it should be fine)

  • not terribly heavy (lightest computer I've had, with a super thing screen)

  • DVD/CD player, burner (it has a blu ray player, since sony invented them and should be able to burn CDs)

  • able to watch hulu/netflix and the such, meaning it isn't too small of a screen (15'' seems to work for me) (yep!)

  • decent speakers! (I finally had to turn DOWN a show!)

  • cuteness is a plus (purple would be awesome) but NOT a necessity. I was so excited to see a purple Sony, and very sad to see that it cost $50 to get it that way.  I can live with a boring looking computer. (This thing wins on the cute scale!)

    1. that sounds like an awesome computer, i need to get a new one too, hopefully soon. :)

    2. Pretty! At some point I may end up looking for something myself, though I've been saying that for a long time and haven't yet felt enough need to buy anything. I'd probably go netbook if I ever do.

    3. Eileen,

      I have a Vaio, going on four years now. It works better than ever and I absolutely love it.

      Good luck!


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