Friday, January 28, 2011

genetic mouthwash

I struggle with this updating my blog thing. I have nothing witty to say, and hate to admit how much time my ass spent firmly implanted on the couch today...and lately in general.  I'm lazy, and I really need to start doing something about it.  I'm also once again frustrated about pain.  No, not my back this time--some ibuprofen went a lot way in helping to reduce the inflammation that was causing a lot of the pain.  It is my tooth. My tooth has been hurting on and off for a couple of weeks now that I think about it, but now it is getting really annoying.  I think that I may have broken it.  I can deal with the pain, but the uncertainty is killing me. family has this dental problem. It doesn't matter how much we brush our teeth, or floss; the little buggers break/chip/get cavities and fall out.  All of my aunts (and mom) have fake teeth because they've all fallen out, or just needed to be taken out.  My brother and biological father have dental issues.  You can see where this is going, right?  My teeth were fantastic until I went to college, and all of the sudden started getting cavities, no matter what I did.
My dental hygenist told me that every time you get someone else's mouth bacteria in yours, you get all of their predisposition to cavities and the such. I think I gave my husband a couple of cavities, in his pre-Eileen no cavity mouth.  Sorry honey. I've got a ton of cavities in my mouth that had none before college. I brush my teeth and floss now...something that was sadly lacking in my youth, but nothing seems to help and now they are breaking? I am going to drink a big glass of milk, take a calcium supplement and brush/floss and swish with mouthwash.  Sigh....

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  1. I've got shitty teeth, too... and gums. :(
    I hate hate tooth pain, and the bill to fix it is even worse!
    Hope you feel better soon!


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