Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have some fun projects going on that I wanted to post some pictures of.
The first is a necklace (lariat) and earrings that I made. My friend want to buy them from me, and offered to before I even finished them!!

The next is the baby blanket that I've been working on.  For all the haters--I ONLY made it pink because it was the only color they had other than white.  I refuse to saddle any poor new parent with a white blanket and expect it not to be disgusting. 

The crochet hook on top is 6 inches long.  It is probably 2.5 feet wide square now! This is the first blanket I've ever made.  I am sorta working on a hat, but since I was a complete experiment I'm not sure I want to show it off lol.  I have food pictures that I will do another post on.

What crafty stuff have you done lately???

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