Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yoga and the Elusive Missing Poptarts!

I recently had my first yoga class and really enjoyed it.  I was getting a little tired and frustrated half way through when I was the only person she correctly, but then I realized two important things.  First, I’m the only one in the class that had never had a formal yoga class before, so I had never been corrected before and second, I’m paying for her to correct me!  
After all the lunges and stretching my gluts and toosh are a bit sore, but I love it.  I am more sore from the class than I was after an hour of circuit training, but instead of feeling exhausted and drained, I was so incredibly relaxed and couldn’t keep a smile off of my face!  I’m really excited to go back next week for another hour, and see how many more poses we’ll learn.  She taught us quite a bit, which makes me more like dance than a yoga class.  Having the teacher there to tell you when, where and how to move makes it so much easier than attempting to do downward facing dog while holding a book open with a cat twining between your legs!  

Onto an ADD topic change--
Have I mentioned on here that since I’ve moved I haven’t gotten any mail? Well, my ENT sent me forms, but not a single piece of my mail has been forwarded from WV.  On top of that, I had a package sent from England that I have still not received.  I checked out to USPS website and for some reason either it, or I chose to have mail forwarding start on December 31, instead of the 1st, so hopefully this means I will get mail soon.  Not only is it ridiculously annoying, but I’m constantly worried that there is something waiting in my mailbox back in WV that is important.  While we gave our friend the key, they were gone for 3 weeks during the holidays and were not able to check it.  All credit card bills seem to be paid up, and my car payment isn’t due for another week so I think we might be good, except that I have always paid my car payment from an account in WV that is now empty, and don’t have a bill. Crap...time to dig through old papers. I know that I horded past statements.  Maybe my husband shouldn’t be putting me in charge of family finances.  
Who does your family finances? Obviously if you aren’t married it should be you!

I am trying this amazon associate thing. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose is, or what I get out of it, but Amazon has been pretty good to me over the years, and I generally put a million links to their stuff in facebook posts and emails already so I am already a walking advertisement.  

People--eating a bagel for breakfast, just a big bagel with cream cheese--NOT filling.  I came downstairs with the hubby this morning, as I generally do when he gets up for work, and made us both bagels (since we had recently had a peapod delivery) and schmeared a little schmear of low fat cream cheese on them for us, and I’m starving now.  No wonder my hubs goes on break and gets junk. I need to suck it up and feed that man some protein in the mornings! I was making turkey bacon and eggs on tortillas/naan for a couple of weeks but I got bored of eggs.  Then we had some greek yogurt (which I think I’ll have for a snack when I’m done writing).  What do you have for breakfast that fills you up?

Have you used peapod before? On the surface--freaking awesome idea, they deliver your groceries.  How much lazier can you get?  My husband used it all the time when were first met, and for a working bachelor that would rather have a root canal than go food shopping, it worked out perfectly.  I, however, love to food shop. I love the smells, the tactile feeling of picking up fruits and vegetables and looking at them and all of the choices.  Having my shopping reduced to a ‘buy’ button, and having some nameless stranger pick out my produce doesn’t work for me.

I ordered this time because I had a $25 off the first order of $60/more coupon (that will expire the end of this month, and if you want the code just leave a comment).   I bought all of my overpriced (and waxed) produce from Trader Joe’s and used Peapod to deliver things that I had coupons for, copious amounts of distilled water for my husband, cat food, and baking stuff. Basically crap I don’t like shopping for anyways.  The only thing is...they forgot my poptarts.  Come on, they were on sale (and are like crack).  I love poptarts. I didn’t eat them for years because there is gelatin in the ‘frosting’ (a term I loosely use for the sugar crusted and sprinkled on top), but they are good and Peapod forgot them. I called Peapod and they took them off of my bill and offered to raincheck them but now  I’m thinking it was a sign from above that I really don’t need poptarts.  Lesson learned? Peapod is a great service, and also occasionally diet friendly by forgetting to deliver your junk food.  Off to eat some greek yogurt instead of a cherry poptart.


  1. I wouldn't want anybody getting my produce either. I have seen what people do to 'test' their produce at the store and that's enough to make me not buy it in the first place. Vigorous scrubbing is all I can say.

    And I've done the Amazon Associates for a year and nada. Not a thing from it. Whores.

  2. hmm....thanks for the update on the amazon thing. It isn't like I get money for the ads on the side anyways...


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